IT Administration Mission

IT@Sam Objectives in Support of University Goals

  • Support teaching and learning through effective software tools, technology enriched classrooms and labs, academic freedom with respect to technology, and cost-effective and responsive support services.
  • Enhance the student experience by providing technology and services that exceed student expectations.
  • In recognition of the growth of research and sponsored programs, IT@Sam must enable the research computing infrastructure to provide secure data management and effective computing resources.
  • Develop effective strategies for communication and collaboration across constituencies for IT@Sam to be able to foster efficiencies and adapt effectively to changing information technology needs.
  • To retain professional staff and maintain effective IT operations, IT@Sam must have systematic training, professional development, and promotion tracks.
  • Develop and implement an agile operational model that will support evolving campus needs and rapid changes in technology.
  • Work collaboratively with campus constituents to implement technology solutions and customer service improvements with a strong emphasis on usability.