UT - Examples of Transferable Classes

Approved courses listed here are not exclusive - other courses may be approved. This list serves as a general guide to courses that were approved in the past.

SHSU CoursesUniversity of Turku CoursesSem. Approved
PSYC 3301 PSYSC 3503: Statistics for Behavior FA-12
PSYC 3333 PSYSC 3484: IntergrativeNeuroscience  FA-12
PSYC 3374 PSYSC 3388: Developmental Psychology FA-12
PSYC 3391 PSYSC 3500: Psychopharmacology FA-12
PSYC 4333 Psycology & Development of Aggression FA-12
PSYC 4375 Sleep and Dreaming FA-12