MGU - Examples of Transferable Classes

Approved courses listed here are not exclusive - other courses may be approved. This list serves as a general guide to courses that were approved in the past.

SHSU CoursesMomoyama University CoursesSem. Approved
ARTS 2386 Japanese Art and Society FA-09
ARTS 3382 Miyazaki Hayao's World of Anime I SP-11
ARTS 4319 Comparing Culture (Architecture) FA-10
ECON 3341 Japanese Economy Business & Culture FA-12
ECON 3344 Topics in Contemporary Japanese Economy SP-09
ECON 4340 Statistical Analysis of Japanese International Finance Accounting Statistics FA-12
ECON 4348 Japan and the Global Economy FA-08
ECON 4380 Intro to Japanese Economy SP-11
ENGL 2342 History of American Literature  FA-12
ENGL 3334 Japanese Film II FA-09
ENGL 3360 History of American Literature FA-10
ENGL 3361 History of American Literature FA-10
ENGL 3372 Sociolingnistic  Analysis of Japanese Language SP-11
ENGL 3372 "Mindreading" in English SP-11
ENGL 4375 Intro to Japanese Studies I SP-11
ENGL 4375 Studying Human Brain Functions SP-11
FINC 3320 Overview of Currency Exchange FA-12
FINC 4340 Overview of Currency Exchange FA-08
FINC 4380 Overview of Currency Exchange SP-11
FOLG 1401 General Japanese Elementary SU-12
FOLG 1402 General Japanese Intermediate SU-12
FOLG 2303 Japanese Language Level B FA-12
FOLG 2304 Japanese Language Level C FA-12
FOLG 2361 Japanese Language SP-11
FOLG 2361 Korean A II FA-10
FOLG 2361 Korean A II SP-11
FOLG 2361 Japanese 4B 01 FA-10
FOLG 2361 Japanese III (part B) SP-11
FREN 1411  French I SP-11
MCOM 3226 Newspaper Class FA-10
MCOM 3332 Media Literacy 02 SP-11
MCOM 3373 Media Understood from The Producer's Standpoint SP-11
MCOM 4365 Multimedia Course SP-11
MCOM 4399 Mass Communication Lecture SP-11
MGMT 3310 Japanese Management FA-12
MGMT 4340 Lessons from Japanese Business management FA-08
SOCI 2319 Introduction to Japanese Culture & Society FA-12
SOCI 4375 Intro to Japanese Studies SP-11
SPAN 2311 Spanish III SP-11