KYU - Examples of Transferable Classes

Approved courses listed below are not exclusive - other courses may be approved. This list serves as a general guide to courses that were approved in the past.

SHSU CoursesKeimyung University CoursesSem. Approved
ACCT 3304 SABR 3000: Managerial Accounting FA-12
BUAD 4335 Cross-Cultural Communication FA-12
ECON 4340 International Economics FA-12
ENGL 4375 Teach and Learn in Korea (Talk) FA-09
FOLG 2361 10363: Korean Language Practice 1 FA-09
HIST 4375 10361: Korean History FA-09
MGMT 4370 Operations & Production Management FA-12
MGMT 4390 Marketing Strategy FA-12
MKTG 4340 International Marketing FA-12
POLS 3368 20438: Introduction  to Korean Culture FA-09