Independent Study Abroad Programs

What is an Independent Study Abroad Program?

  1. It is a 3rd Party Company that provides Study Abroad services.
  2. You DO NOT pay any tuition or fees to SHSU. All your costs are paid directly to the program.
  3. You will receive transfer credit from the university you attend while you are abroad.
  4. Financial Aid CANNOT apply for independent study abroad programs. However, the SHSU Study Abroad Scholarship is available for all SHSU students who have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  5. SHSU's Study Abroad Office will assist you in ensuring the courses you take will transfer back in correctly and determining whether your Financial Aid can apply.

NOTE: If you do not receive authorization from the SHSU Study Abroad Office for your Independent Study Abroad program (even through an Affiliate), you will NOT receive credit or be able to apply your Financial Aid to the program.

SOL Education Abroad

Other Programs by Country


Facultad de Agronomía

Description: logo FAUBASponsor: Universidad de Buenos Aires

Summary: Students can go study Agriculture at one of the oldest and most traditional agricultural institutes in South America. Students have a wide variety of course choices in Agriculture for both Agriculture majors and non-Agriculture majors.




French Courses

Sponsor: University of Montréal

Summary: This program is perfect for students who want to learn French but don’t want to leave North America. University of Montréal is located in the heart of Canada where students will get experience French and Canadian culture.




Arts University College – Bournemouth

Description: Arts University College

Summary: For the artist in you, Arts University College offers a variety of courses feature artistic expressions for students from photography to costume design to makeup.



Nottingham Trent University

Sponsor: Nottingham Trent University

Summary: NTU offers students an adventurous, educational experience situated in the heart of England. Students can choose from Art and Design or Architecture and Built Environment areas of study.


University of Manchester

Sponsor: The University of Manchester

Summary: Students can enjoy an internationally recognized university with the widest arrange of subjects found in England. Students will be able to observe and immerse in British language and culture while maintaining their field of study.


University of the Arts London Study Abroad

Sponsor: University of Arts – London

Summary: From 3D Design to Fashion to Theatre, the University of the Arts-London has everything an art major could dream of.





Marist-Mod’spe Paris

Sponsor: Marist International Programs

Summary: If fashion is your passion then Marist-Mod’spe Paris is the place for you. Students will get to study fashion in the fashion capital of the world Paris, France.





Isabela Oceanographic Institute

Sponsor: Isabela Oceanographic Institute

Summary: Students can travel to the Galapagos Islands and study in 12 week semesters. They will encounter the marvelous world of aquatic wildlife.



Junior Year in Munich

Sponsor: Wayne State University

Summary: Students will spend a year in Germany at Ludwig Maximilians Universität München and will experience rich Germany history and culture.


 Universität Osnabrück

Sponsor: University of Osnabrück

Summary: Students will enjoy 3-4 weeks of summer school Osnabrück, Germany. While in at Osnabrück students will experience and learn from the rich culture and language of Germany along with other areas of study.





Dance Jerusalem/Jerusalem Sound

Sponsor: The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Summary: Students will be able to study theater, dance or music at this wonderful university located in the capital of Israel.






Travel and Education

Sponsor: Travel and Education

Summary: Students can experience the various universities of Spain while enjoying beautiful scenery. From Madrid to Barcelona, students can study a wide expanse of topics ranging from Spanish architecture to Latin American economy.



Universidad de Granada

Sponsor: University of Granada

Summary: Universidad de Granada gives students a beautiful costal climate that will make their learning both in depth and relaxing. Great for students who want to get away but still maintain their academic diligence.




American Councils for International Education

Sponsor: American Councils

Summary: American Councils offers language-immersions centered throughout Eurasia and Southeast Europe. Research and Language Training Programs are available.


CAPA International Education

Sponsor: CAPA

Summary: Students can select from universities in London, Florence, Sydney, Madrid and Beijing. Students will be able to experience very engaged learning in political, social and cultural landscapes in the location of their studies. Customized study and Internship programs available.



Description: Casterbridge Tours TravelSponsor: Casterbridge Tours

Summary: Students can choose from learning about modern cultures, history, or lives of individual figures in this affordable study abroad opportunity.



CEA Global Education

Sponsor: CEA

Summary: Experience adventure from Central America to Asia and learn through immersing yourself into the culture. Students can choose terms from a trimester to summer semesters to a full year.


CEPA Europe

Description: logoSponsor: SIU Travel

Summary: Explore Europe’s most beautiful locations while enjoying great educational experiences that will help enrich students.





Sponsor: CIEE

Summary: Explore the world and learn about its cultures. Students have the opportunity to learn about various diversities worldwide while being able to earn credits for their degrees. 



Cross-Cultural Solutions

Sponsor: Cross-Cultural Solutions

Summary: Students get a unique chance to not only go over and learn from the cultures and language of their host countries, but also get a chance to volunteer and make an impact on these countries. Internship programs available.


Modern Language Studies Abroad

Sponsor: MLSA

Summary: Students can enjoy from a month to a full year of study abroad in one of four countries: Spain, Costa Rica, Italy or France. This program is for both graduate and undergraduate students.


National Student Exchange

Sponsor: National Student Exchange

Summary: NSE allows students the opportunity to study in school of their choice from a wide expanse of schools around the world. Students can select either a single term or full year of study in at their host university.




Select Travel Service

Sponsor: Select Travel Service

Summary: Students can experience a broad range of cultural and special interest educational opportunities.




Semester at Sea

Sponsor: University of Virginia

Summary: Students can enjoy sailing on a luxury cruise liner while engaging in wonderful educational experiences around the globe. With destinations in five continents students have a wide variety of learning experiences available to them.



Spanish Studies Abroad

Sponsor: The Center for Cross-Cultural Study

Summary: This program offers students the best way of learning a foreign language, deep immersion. Students can choose to travel to Spain, Argentina, or Cuba where they will be exposed to Spanish language and culture.


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