Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Q: What are the mandatory minimum hours of staff professional development training that I must have?

A: The requirement is 8 hours for staff; 12 hours for managers during the rating period that ends March 31, 2016.


2.    Q: How do I know if I am a manager for the purposes of the program?

A: In most cases, you are considered are a manager if you a) supervise staff; b) write performance appraisals; and c) approve time off.


3.    Q: Are the e-books available through Skillsoft E-Learning library downloadable to an e- reader?

A: In regards to the Books24x7 content, some of the content has downloadable pieces but not all. The items that are downloadable vary based on the publisher and the content itself.


4.    Q: I am a part-time employee. What are the requirements for mandatory training hours for me?

A: Your requirements are prorated depending upon your FTE number. For example, if your FTE is .5 and you are non-exempt staff, then the required number of hours for the rating period is .5 x 8 hours, or 4 hours total.


5.    Q: Does compliance training count toward meeting the minimum requirement?

A: Originally, it did not, but since the Town Hall meetings briefed in December 2013, the policy has changed to allow compliance training to meet the requirement.


6.    Q: Can staff take the Instructor Led Training (ILT) manager courses being offered through the Management Academy?

A: Yes, with a couple of conditions. We now have a training track called “So You Want to Be a Manager” (SYW2BAM) which allows non-management staff to attend selected courses in the Management Academy. The employee must be nominated by his or her supervisor to attend the track. This is a great opportunity for those with management aspirations or those who manage student workers to learn more about what it takes to be a manager.

Nominations can be submitted to TJ Bittick, HR Professional Development Coordinator at TJB005@SHSU.EDU via an e-mail from the supervisor. Once approved, the employee will need to attend all four sessions available in the track (those courses are identified in the Management Academy with an asterisk in the title). Once approved for the track, the employee may register for the class as long as space is available. The employee may miss up to one session only, but must make it up by taking equivalent courses in the Skillsoft e-library (check with TJ first for a list of suggested alternatives). At the end of the year, the employee will receive a Certificate of Completion for the track.


7.    Q: Can managers take the Instructor Led Training (ILT) staff courses being offered through the Training University?

A: Though staff will be given waitlist priority for the Training University ILT classes, managers may take the Training University courses as well.


8.    Q: I signed up for a class, and my status said “Approved” on my transcript, but when I showed up, I was not on the registered participants’ sign-in sheet. What happened?

A: When registering for a training, you selected the blue Request button next to the title of the training at the top of the page. This will put your training in an Approved status for the event, but not a Registered status for the actual instance or session of the event. If this happens, the words “Select Session” will display under the Options column on the Active tab of your transcript. Just click on whichever displays to register for the actual session you want to attend (even if there is only one available, you still have to select the session). Another reason this might happen is that the session is full and you have been placed on a waiting list. Please check your transcript prior to attending the training to see if you are officially registered. If a class doesn’t say “REGISTERED,” you are not registered for the class.


9.   Q: I work at The Woodlands Center/University Park/offsite, etc. Will any of the ILT courses be offered outside of the main SHSU campus?

A: Not at this time. Those who are unable to attend on-campus training may wish to consider the Skillsoft E-Library courses or other external training sources.


10.  Q: Will the courses offered in the Training University or Management Academy be offered multiple times?

A: Unfortunately, due to limited resources, each class will be offered only once. There are many courses offered through the Skillsoft E-Library, however, which mirror or extend the content in the ILT courses. Courses are added to the e-library almost daily, so check back often to see what is available.


11.  Q: How many seats will be available for each ILT course?

A: Class capacity will be between 50 – 70 seats, depending on the course. Most classes are initially offered at a 50 seat maximum capacity, and the overflow will be moved to a waitlist. Additional seats may become available for those on the waitlist prior to the class date.


12.  Q: Will classes be recorded?

A: It was the original intent to make recordings of each ILT session available through Talent Management. However, due to logistics, scheduling, and resource issues, we will not be recording ILT sessions this year. It is possible that may change at a future date.


13.  Q: Can I take more hours of professional development than required by the mandated minimums?

A: Yes! We encourage all staff to take advantage of as many professional development opportunities as they can, allowing for workload and within the constraints negotiated between you and your supervisor.


14.  Q: The requirement to meet a minimum number of hours will be on my performance appraisal. When does that period begin?

A: Professional development hours earned between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016, will count toward the annual professional development requirement. Mandatory training will count toward the minimum required hours as well. Beginning with the 2016 rating period, completion of hours above those required will also be recognized and recorded on the Annual Performance Appraisal in accordance with Finance & Operations Human Resources Policy B-5 Employee Development.


15.  Q: I was looking at some of the courses offered in Talent Management and I noticed that not everything has a credit hour associated with it. Does that mean not everything counts as professional development?

A: That is correct. Not all training in Talent Management will automatically count toward the requirement. All the classes in the Learning Academies (Training University and the Management Academy) count toward professional development, and most of the classes in the Skillsoft E-Library count as well. However, some online classes considered “passive content,” i.e., there is no associated assessment, do not count. These might include Skillsoft courses, for example, with no assessment which are under .5 hours in duration. It might also include retirement seminars offered through Human Resources, as another example. This does not mean the courses are not useful and beneficial; it only means they do not count toward meeting the minimum professional development requirement.


16.  Q: If non-exempt employees attend professional development sessions over the lunch hour, do they qualify for overtime or overtime compensatory hours?

A: Non-exempt employees should not exceed the 40-hour work week as a result of professional development training. Therefore, their hours would need to be adjusted accordingly for the week.


17.  Q: I’m taking college courses/attending a conference/taking external training. Does that count toward my requirement?

A: If your supervisor has approved the conference, course, seminar, etc., and/or will verify that the college courses you are taking are related to professional development (i.e., it enhances current skill sets or prepares you for future opportunities related to your position or career goals), then yes, they will count.


18.  Q: How do I add external training or college courses to my transcript in Talent Management?

A: Please see our step-by-step tutorial for instructions on how to add external training to  your transcript. Entering external training on your transcript requires your request to go through an approval process with your manager of record in Talent Management when you mark the training complete, so please be prepared to provide verification of your completion status to your manager. Keep in mind the manager of record in Talent Management is not always your immediate supervisor. Also note that the Talent Management administrator  does not have the ability to reassign managers or employees since the data is based on that which is generated through the Banner system.

 A step-by-step tutorial is on our Professional Development and Training website at


19.  Q: I have completed an online Skillsoft course, but the status of the training is still showing on the Active tab of my transcript as “in progress” instead of moving to the Completed tab. How do I get it to show as complete?

A: When taking an online Skillsoft course that has an assessment, there are two things you must do to have the course report as COMPLETE to Talent Management. 1) You must view every page and 2) You must score 75% or better on the assessment. While inside the course, a page will display with green circles showing you the completion status of each part of the course. All the circles must be completely green and you must have achieved the  75% or better in order for the score to mark as complete.


20.  Q. I missed the training on Introduction to Talent Management when it was offered last year. Are there any tutorials online?

A. There are tutorials for Talent Management listed on our Professional Development and Training website at . We will add tutorials to the list whenever we see a need for training on a particular topic.


21.  Q. How do I determine how much credit to record in Talent Management for an external training?

A:  The Staff Professional Development Program estimates credit earned for external ILT classes, workshops, seminars, etc. by how much time is actually spent in training on an hour-to-hour basis, or “in chair” time spent training. For example, if you attend a conference that lasts for 6 hours, and one of those hours is set aside for lunch, then you would subtract 6-1=5 hours of external training credits. If you attend a college course for one hour twice a week, then you would earn 2 hours of professional development credit each week you attend the course.


22.  Q. What does it mean when I register for a class and under the Options column on my transcript (on the Active tab) it has the link for “Withdraw”?

A:  This link displays if you have correctly registered for a class; the option you have then is to Withdraw from it. To confirm that you are registered, you would look in the Status column. If it says Registered, you are registered for the class. If you find you cannot attend, please withdraw yourself by clicking on the Withdraw link, and the system will automatically withdraw you from the class, making the seat available for someone else. This also will prevent the class from displaying as a “no show” on your transcript.


23. Q. Why does my transcript suddenly say I have 0 hours completed? I had earned several hours and now I have none. Do the hours go away and not carry over to next fiscal year? 

A. That is correct. Each year after the end of the Appraisal period (March 31st), the aggregate training hours total that is listed above your transcript will zero out and start counting up again as you add training to your transcript.

To determine the total amount of credit hours you have earned during any given period, please access the Training Hours report under Reports>Standard Reports in your account in Talent Management. That way you can see the hours earned during the date range you choose. To see a step-by-step tutorial, please go to our Professional Development and Training website at


24. Q. I'm a manager. How do I use/access the Standard Training Hours report to determine if my employees have met their annual professional development requirement? 

A. The Standard Training Hours report is an easy way to determine if your team members have met their yearly professional development requirement. A quick step-by-step tutorial for accessing the report, How to Access Standard Training Hours Report for Users, is on our website under the Tutorials section. If the employee is listed under your My Team link in Talent Management, then you should be able to include the employee in the report. If the employee is not listed under the link, then they are probably listed as reporting to another supervisor in your department, likely one or two levels above you. Keep in mind the manager of record in Talent Management is not always the immediate supervisor. Please note that the Talent Management administrator does not have the ability to reassign managers or employees since the data is based on that which is generated through the Banner system.

Do you have other questions not answered here? Please send them to TJ Bittick, Professional Development Coordinator, Human Resources, at TJB005@shsu.