Faculty and Staff


Committee Book 

The University’s Committee Book, updated annually, lists committees and their purposes, the methods of appointment to these committees, the methods of reporting, and the composition of membership, including the number of faculty and a roster of members with the dates on which the terms expire.

Graduate Council 

Graduate Council is a thirteen member body that represents the various academic colleges in matters relating to graduate study, instruction, and research.

Curriculum Review

The curriculum review cycle provides an opportunity for each college to submit requests for addition or deletion of courses; changes in course prefix, title, and/or number; and additions, deletions, or changes to degree programs.   

The University Curriculum Committee will be asked to initially review requests not associated with new or altered degree programs to allow them to be presented to the February Board of Regents meeting.  Such requests (assuming Board and THECB approval) will be eligible for implementation the fall semester immediately following the Board meeting. The University Curriculum Committee will then review requests affiliated with new or altered degree programs for presentation to the May Board of Regents meetings.  These requests (assuming Board and THECB approval) are targeted for implementation no sooner than the fall semester immediately following the Board meeting but may, however, be implemented at a later date at the THECB’s or department’s discretion.   

College curriculum reports are to be submitted to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs through the Office of Graduate Studies, using the folder located on the T-drive entitled Curriculum.

Graduate Faculty

Members of the graduate faculty must possess a terminal degree in the teaching discipline or a related discipline from an institution accredited by a recognized accrediting agency, demonstrate evidence of currency in the literature of the discipline, be effective educators at the graduate level, and be consistently active in scholarly and/or artistic endeavors. (Academic Policy Statement 801014)


Program Review

In accordance to the Texas Administrative Code – Rule 5.52, SHSU has implemented a review of all graduate programs.  A seven-year cycle has been created during which all master’s and doctoral programs will be reviewed.  The self-study will report on the outcomes of each review, including the evaluation of the external reviewers and the actions that the institution has taken or will take to improve the program.


The Graduate Studies Scholarship is intended for high-quality students in SHSU graduate programs.  Nominations will be accepted for both new and current students.

Scholarship Nomination Form

Transfer of Credit

Graduate courses completed at other accredited colleges and universities may be applied as transfer credit toward a graduate degree at SHSU at the discretion of each graduate program and the college in which the program is housed.  Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for Transfer of Credit policies.