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Academic Interests


These learning communities are tied to a specific department or major, which gives you the opportunity to establish relationships with faculty and staff in your department right away, start completing your major requirements, and take part in activities related to your major.

General Interests


Being a part of one of these general interest learning communities gives you an opportunity to explore your interests and strengths, complete core requirements with a community of your peers, and engage in activities that introduce you to all that SHSU has to offer.

Living-Learning Community

sammy fire

In a living-learning community, students live in the same residence hall, take two to three classes together each semester, and plan and participate in social events throughout the year. 

Specialty UNIV 1301 Sections

students on the grass at SHSU

Specialty sections of UNIV 1301 are tailored to the themes and experiences of select academic programs. A special section of UNIV 1301 has been reserved for students in the following groups:

  • Honors Students:- UNIV 1301.60 is designed specifically for honors students
  • Pre-Vet Students:- UNIV 1301.01 is required for all first-year Pre-Vet students
  • Terry Scholars: UNIV 1301 is required for all first-year Terry Scholars

If you are in one of these groups, please register for the section listed above.  In the case of the Pre-Vet UNIV 1301, please contact your Agricultural Science advisor or the Student Success Initiatives office to release a reserved seat for you to proceed with registration.  Visit the UNIV 1301 page for more information about this course.