Access Control & Food Service

Access Control also known as the "lock shop" is responsible for supporting the equipment that controls building and room access.  This includes: locks, keys, door handles, door knobs, door closures, ADA hardware, card access, and lock boxes.

Food Equipment Services is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all equipment associated with Aramark and other dining venues on campus.  The only exceptions to this are vending machines, as they are the responsibility of the Pepsi.

If you need help, please submit a Self-Service Request.

Neal Whitney
Foreperson of Access Control & Food Equipment Services

Access Control Services
Sam South Room 162
Department Phone: (936) 294-3812

Bebe Tomczak

John Haggard
Maintenance Specialist

David Christ
Maintenance Specialist

Food Equipment Services
Sam South Room 154
Department Phone: (936) 294-3718

Daryl Ellison
Maintenance Specialist

Jack Black
Food Service Equipment Specialist