Fleet & Sanitiation Services

Fleet and Sanitation Services are both located in the Sam South Complex.  Fleet Services is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all SHSU motorized equipment they are also responsible for all reporting required by the state of Texas for over-the-road vehicles. Have a special event? Contact Fleet Services to arrange transportation today!  Sanitation Services specializes in the removal of waste and debris on the campus. This includes the extracting and disposal of garbage from all campus dumpsters.

If you need help, please submit a Self-Service Request.

George Bounds III (Chip)
Vehicle Fleet Manager
Email: ppl_ghb@shsu.edu
Phone: 294-1897

Shop Phone: 936-294-4868

Doug Gillaspie
Automotive Mechanic
Email: ppl_dpg@shsu.edu

Dale Barnes
Automotive Mechanic
Email: deb023@shsu.edu

David Kelly
Laborer II-Sanitation
Email: ppl_dfk@shsu.edu

Ernest Wilson
Laborer II-Sanitation
Email: ppl_elw@shsu.edu

Quentin Jordan
Laborer II-Sanitation
Email: qtj001@shsu.edu