Electrical / Food Service Maintenance

Electrical Services responsibilities: maintaining the electrical systems on campus. To include but not limited to: performing maintenance and repairs on medium voltage switches, switchgears, transformers, underground feeders and overhead lines. Outdoor areas - lighting (walkways, parking lots, building security) special events areas. Indoor areas  - lighting (offices, classrooms, labs, hallways), convenience and tasks outlets (Computers, scanners, copier, projectors, lab research equipment, Life Safety systems), Motor Control Centers – various motors for building operation (elevators, air handlers, chill water/hot water supply and return pumps).


Fire Alarm Safety Specialist is housed within the Electrical Services. Fire Safety Specialist responsibilities include maintaining the Fire Alarm Systems on campus by performing annual testing and all maintenance and repairs.

If you need help, please submit a Self-Service Request.

Robert Smith
Email: ppl_rrs@shsu.edu
Phone: 294-1874

James Harding
Electrician III
Email: ppl_jah@shsu.edu

JP Beaulieu
Electrician III
E-Mail: jpb027@shsu.edu

Eldon Altman
Electrician II
Email: ppl_hea@shsu.edu

Gary Smith
Electrician II
Email: gls003@shsu.edu

Roger Smith
Electrician IIEmail: crs106@shsu.edu

John Clesi III
Electrician I
Email: jjc053@shsu.edu

Timothy DeShazer
Email: THD003@shsu.edu

John Burns
Email: jab166@shsu.edu

Shane Fitz
Maintenance Specialist-Electrical
Email: ppl_smf@shsu.edu

Tommy Cox
Utility Worker
Email: tec001@shsu.edu

Michael Brownlee
Fire Safety Systems Specialist
Email: mab161@shsu.edu