Facilities Carpentry & Sign Services is responsible for supporting all civil and architectural maintenance and repairs on campus as well as all interior and exterior signs throughout the campus. This includes, but is not limited to, maintenance and repairs on roofs, walls, windows, flooring, sidewalks, doors, cabinets.  Hanging wallboards and decorations, artwork, and ceiling tiles is also among the many services

If you need help, please submit a Self-Service Request.

Glenn Green
Email: ppl_gag@shsu.edu
Office Phone: (936) 294-1876

Carpenter Shop Phone: (936) 294-4297
Sign Shop Phone: (936) 294-3863

Jed Cryer
Email: ppl_djc@shsu.edu

Jake Ketkowski
Email: ppl_ljk@shsu.edu

Patrick Roberts
Maintenance Specialist-Carpenter
Email: ppl_pjr@shsu.edu

Steve Mikulin
Email: wsm00@shsu.edu

Billy Miller
Email: wdm004@shsu.edu

Alex Wells
Maintenance Specialist
Email: aow004@shsu.edu

Jose Landeros
Maintenance Specialist
Email: jxl083@shsu.edu

Isidro Tovar
Maintenance Specialist-Carpenter
Email: ixt002@shsu.edu

Richard Phister
Email: rcp002@shsu.edu