Recycling Program

Under the guidance of Scott Dolezal, Custodial & Grounds Services Manager, workers have devoted a small number of hours to performing a cursory removal of recyclables from the trash collected around the campus.  During the first year of the program, recognized as a test case, Grounds workers removed 9.87 tons or 19,740 pounds of recyclable materials from campus receptacles and sent it to the City’s recycling station.  This avoided the disposal of 86 yards of landfill waste.


In the second year of the program just ending in March, employees collected 13.65 tons or 27,300 pounds of ‘single stream’ recycling and turned it over to the City of Huntsville recycling program.  This is a 7,560 pound increase over year one.  That translates to 116 cubic yards of waste Sam Houston did not have to take to the landfill.  A small but important contribution to reducing the waste stream from the University.


For the third year, Scott is investigating the separation of the aluminum cans from the collection to incur a return on our investment.  Income from recycling programs are not known to pay for themselves, but they are seen as an investment in our Earth.

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