Campus Notices

Pardon our construction! Below is a map highlighting our areas of construction.

Shutdown Map - Utility Projects-Current

Biology Laboratory Building Construction

Biology Lab Building - Phase 1 Site Plan

The construction phase for the new Biology Laboratory Building will begin June 13, 2016, as contractor crews begin to secure the site for future work. The above diagram depicts the site layout for this project.

This new building will be a four story building that provides approximately 57,230 assignable square feet (97,049 gross square feet) of new space; which will house General Instruction Space with a 76-seat Lecture Hall, a 30-seat Foundations of Science/Meeting Room and Tutoring/Study areas. The Teaching Labs will accommodate six 24-seat Upper Level/Graduate Labs, one 18-seat Upper Level Microbiology Lab, three 24-seat Freshman Labs and one 18-seat Pre-Nursing Microbiology Lab. Additionally, there are nine prep/storage areas in support of the teaching labs, thirty Faculty Research Labs, shared equipment spaces, five shared core facilities in support of the research labs, Collections, Herbarium Collection and prep space. The eastern section of the building will house the Department Administrative Suite, Faculty Offices, and the Building Entry/Commons. This will allow a complete consolidation of the Department of Biological Sciences into one single facility.

The Biology Laboratory Building will be located along the south side of Bowers Boulevard between Avenue I & Avenue J. All remaining parking from Bowers Boulevard to the South Residential Complex will be closed. We are anticipating to have a near equal amount of parking spaces in the area of the South Dining and the Pirkle Building construction site available in the fall of 2016. Plans include closing Bowers Boulevard and converting the space into a pedestrian mall, rain garden and outside teaching environment. The building site is currently occupied by Parkhill, Barrett, Adams and Allen which are now closed and will be demolished to make way for the new Biology Laboratory Building.

At the time of this announcement, a date for the closure of Bowers Boulevard has not been firmly established. Facilities Management staff will provide updates on the street closure as well as parking spaces as we receive further information.

The budget for this project is $65 million. Demolition activity is scheduled to begin on or about June 27th, and the building is estimated to be substantially completed by May 10, 2018. The architect-contractor team is composed of HDR of Houston, Texas and Vaughn Construction Company of Houston, Texas.

Questions may be directed to the Project Manager, Adrian del Rio extension 4-2723.

Biology Lab Construction Zone Expansion- Site Map

Effective Monday, May 29th Pedestrian and ADA Access along the sidewalk between the Biology Lab Building and Academic Building IV will no longer be available for the duration of construction.

Pedestrian and ADA access signage will be posted along the routes. ADA access will be routed through AB IV elevators and through the Campus Mall area. Please see the attached map for visual references.

Please be cautious in this area, adhere to all barricades, flagmen, fencing and specified pedestrian access.

For questions regarding this Project please contact Adrian del Rio, Project Manager, at 936-294- 2723.

Complete Parking Lot Closure of Z2-12- Site Map

Parking Lot Z2-12 will be closed effective April 26 - July 21, 2017 for the Utility Infrastructure Enhancement Project. All Staff, Faculty, and Students utilizing Parking Lot Z2-12 and Bobby K Marks Drive will be affected. Please see attached site map for additional details.

Please be cautious in this area, adhere to all barricades, flagmen, fencing and specified pedestrian access.

For questions regarding this project please contact Construction Manager Mike Lampson at 936-294-3152.

Avenue I Partial Road Closure-  Site Map

Effective Monday, May 15- Friday, August 4, 2017, the Lee Drain Building Skylight Replacement Project will begin. This will result in the closure of a section on Avenue I often referred to as the "Lollipop". This area will be used to store construction equipment and materials and will be closed to all Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic. The Pedestrian access site map can be found here.

During this time the atrium area inside the Lee Drain Building will be under construction, causing this area to experience excessive noise. To view the site plan click here.

Please be cautious in these areas, adhere to all barricades, fencing and follow specified pedestrian access.

For questions regarding this Project please contact Mike Lampson, Construction Manager, at 936-294-3152.

Lowman Student Center Addition Closures- Site Map

Effective Thursday, June 1, 2017 - Wednesday, November 27, 2018, construction for the Lowman Student Center (LSC) will be in progress.This will result in the following closures for the duration of construction:

-Pedestrian traffic between the LSC and 17th Street will be limited to Avenue J.

-The south entrance to the Parking Garage and motorcycle parking will be closed. Garage access will be still be available at the Avenue I entrance.

-The loading dock behind the LSC will be closed. Delivery access will be available on Avenue I and Avenue J.

For questions regarding this project please contact Charles Jones, Project Manager, at 936-294-3677.

Bowers Blvd & Bobby K Marks Closure-

Effective Friday, June 2, 2017 the Bowers Blvd Utility Construction Project will commence. This project will be conducted in two phases and will impede vehicular and pedestrian access.

Zone 1: Friday June 2, 2017 - Saturday, July 15, 2017 the intersection of Bobby K Marks and Bowers Blvd will be closed.

Zone 2: Friday, June 2, 2017 - Friday August 18, 2017 Bowers Blvd will be closed between Bobby K Marks and Avenue I.

Please be cautious in this area, adhere to all barricades, flagmen, fencing and specified pedestrian access.

For questions regarding this project please contact Adrian del Rio, Project Manager, at 936-294-2723.

Criminal Justice Center Complete Parking Lot Closure (Z2-01) - Site Map

Effective Thursday, July 20, 2017 through Monday, August 28, 2017 the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) parking lot Z2-01 will be closed for complete repaving.

Alternate parking will be available in the new concrete parking lot Z2-62, seen in green on Site Map.

For questions regarding this closure please contact Casey House, Project Coordinator, at 936-294-3535.

Avenue I (Ron Randleman) Partial Closure - Site Map

Effective Wednesday, July 12th at 7:00am through Midnight, Sunday, July 23rd. Avenue I (Ron Randleman) south of the Sam Houston Parking Garage to the Mall area will be closed.

Vehicle access to the parking garage along Ave I will NOT be affected.

Pedestrian access along Ave. I between the Parking Garage and The Mall will have two alternate routes, ADA Access will have one alternate route.

Please be cautious in this area, adhere to all barricades, flagmen, fencing and specified pedestrian access.

For questions regarding this closure please contact Chuck Jones, Project Manager, 936-294-3677.

All construction and closure dates are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen and uncontrolled circumstances.