ERP Planning Group

The ERP Planning Group helps to coordinate activities and staffing to fulfill established ERP-related priorities. ERP Projects are then prioritized amongst all IT priorities by the IT Executive Management Team.


Create and maintain a strategic road map for the ERP System.


  • Plan and ensure alignment of resources with strategic initiatives through coordinated decision making and prioritization of initiatives
  • Participate in a system-wide decision-making process regarding ERP changes


Generally, meetings occur on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 2pm. Meetings may be rescheduled as needed to meet the needs of the committee.

Meeting agendas may vary, but generally cover the following:

  • Review status of current ERP project requests and M&O activities
  • Discuss new ERP initiatives and road map for ERP.

Status updates are generally brief allowing the group time to delve into a specific topic in more detail within the limited time.


ERP Planning Group Meeting Minutes
Date Documents
2017-11 Minutes
2017-10 Minutes
2017-09 Minutes
2017-06 Minutes
2017-05 Minutes
2017-04 Minutes
2017-02 Minutes
2016-12 Minutes | Budget Request Packet
2016-11 Minutes
2016-10 Minutes
2016-09 Minutes
2016-08 Minutes | Legacy Update | Nell Update | ERP Planning Process
2016-07 Minutes | ERP Planning Process
2016-06 Minutes | ERP Timeline
2016-05 Minutes | ILP Overview | Summer ERP Project Timeline
2016-02 Minutes | EAB SSC Campus Handout
2016-01 Minutes | PowerPoint
2015-11 Minutes | Decommission Update
2015-10 Minutes | Decommission Update | A Common Currency
2015-08 Minutes | Decommission Update
2015-07 Minutes | Decommission Update | Decommission Schedule | Application Administrator
2015-06 Minutes | TCC XE Release Schedule | Decommission Update
2015-05 Minutes | Legacy Decommission | Data Standards Policy
2015-04 Minutes
2015-03 Minutes
2015-02 Minutes
2015-01 Minutes
2014-12 Minutes
2014-11 Minutes
2014-10 Minutes
2014-09 Minutes
2014-08 Minutes | ERP Priorities
2014-01 Minutes
2013-12 Minutes
2013-11 Minutes
2013-10 Minutes


ERP Planning Group Membership
Name Title Division Represented Committee Role
Dr. Richard Eglsaer Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Ex Officio
Dr. Mary Robbins Interim Vice Provost Academic Affairs
Dr. Somer Franklin Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs
Ruth Chisum Executive Director, Online Operations Academic Affairs
Dr. Heather Thielemann Vice President for Enrollment Management Enrollment Management Ex Officio
Scot Mertz Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Enrollment Management
Donna Artho Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness Enrollment Management
Mark Adams Vice President for Information Technology Information Technology Ex Officio
TBD Associate Vice President for Enterprise Services Information Technology Organizer
Rose Kader Assistant to the Assoc. VP for Enterprise Services Information Technology Scribe/Minutes
Dr. Charles Mize Interim Associate Vice President for Enterprise Services Information Technology
Matt McKnight Director of Application Infrastructure Information Technology
John Hitzeman Associate Vice President for Business Services Finance and Operations
David Hammonds Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Risk Management Finance and Operations
Amanda Withers Interim Controller Finance and Operations
Karyl Horn Director of Payroll Finance and Operations
David Verghese Treasurer Finance and Operations