Mentors & Staff

Mentors & Staff

The Freshmen Leadership Program offers students a number of resources, including dedicated mentors and support staff.  Meetings are facilitated by the Dean of Students while our program is coordinated by the Dean of Students’ Staff. Meetings are run by select former Freshmen Leaders who also serve as personal mentors to the incoming freshmen.


Name: John Yarabeck, Dean of Students

Position: FLP Program Facilitator

Classification: Staff

Years with FLP: 10

Lindsay Photo Website

Name: Lindsay Lauher

Position: FLP Coordinator

Classification: Staff

Years with FLP: Brand New!!

 Dylan McFarland 

Name: Dylan J. McFarland

Position: FLP Mentor

Classification: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice

Years with FLP: 3

Other Organization Involvement:
Student Regent for the Texas State University System Board of Regents
Assistant Residence Hall Director for the Department of Residence Life
Elliott T. Bowers Honors College Ambassador
Orange Keys Official University Ambassador

Favorite thing about FLP:
FLP brings out the inner-leader within every Freshmen in the program.  It also provides Freshmen an all-access perspective in higher education, in other word, in FLP you will become acquainted with a vast array of resources that are available to you that will assist in making you a leader of tomorrow.  A good leader has resources, a great leader knows and understands all of the resources at his or her disposal and uses each of them for maximum potential.  FLP is the stepping stone to assist in making incoming Freshman Leaders the best of the best and efficiently successful.  Without, FLP, I would not be where I am now.  FLP has assisted me in becoming a great and efficient leader on campus that will help me efficiently transition after graduation, into graduate school, and into the work force.

David Eller 2

Name: David Eller

Position: FLP Mentor

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Interdisciplinary Agriculture

Years with FLP: 2

Other Organization Involvement:
Student Government Association
Agriculture Sciences and Engineering Technology Ambassadors
Diversity Council Secretary
Student Service Fee Committee
LSC Student Advisory Board

Favorite thing about FLP:
This program allowed myself and many others to find who they truly are as a person and as a leader at Sam and in the community.  Within the program the participant is given many opportunities to grow into an ideal Bearkat.  Also, while participating in the Freshmen Leadership Program you are introduced to campus administrators, faculty, and staff that will be of great help in your future endeavors.