Preference Night

Preference parties can be the most reflective and moving experience in Recruitment. During these two final parties you need to decide where you feel the most “at home” so that you can rank your chapter preferences. These parties will focus on the more serious aspects of Greek life. Members will share their fraternal ideals and values, and give you a look at what their sisterhood is all about. Listen carefully to what the women say. They are revealing the strongest and most fundamental characteristics of their chapter.

What to Wear:
This round is very formal. A nice cocktail dress and heels are preferred. Most girls usually wear  dresses and nice jewelry.

Helpful Hints for Pref Night:
*Think back to all the previous rounds and recall what you like best about each chapter and why you would want to join this particular group of women.
*Take time to listen to what each woman says during each party. You will learn a great deal about the values the members hold and how they exhibit them in their daily lives

What to ask during preference:
* What does sisterhood mean to you?
* Why do you feel that you made the decision?
* How have your sisters impacted your life?

What to ask yourself:
* Would I be proud to call these women my sisters?
* Could I be happy and actively involved in this organization for the rest of my college years and beyond?
* At which house did I connect most with the members?
* Which organization exemplifies my person values?