Tuition and Fees Information

Where Your Student Tuition and Fees Go - Fall 2015

A Resident Undergraduate Sam Houston State University student taking 15 credit hours paying traditional rates pays a total of $4,668.50 in tuition and fees.* The following is the tuition and fee distribution by category, dollar amount, and percentage of total tuition and fees.

TypeExplanationAmountAmount for 15 Semester Credit Hours (SCH)Percentage


Tuition (E&G)
The rate is set by the legislature for resident and nonresident students and is used for faculty and staff salaries and other educational specific expenditures.

Resident - $50 per semester credit hour (SCH)

$750.00 16.07%
Non Resident - $412/SCH 



Designated Tuition Used to complement the funding received via state appropriations and statutory tuition: to pay for faculty and staff salary increases, new faculty and staff positions, new academic programs and other strategic initiatives, and capital improvements.

Traditional - $165.50/SCH
(Graduate Differential) - $20.00/SCH

$2,482.50 53.18%
Guaranteed Price Plan - $185.24/SCH  
Graduate Tuition Increment Board authorized and is used to provide support for graduate programs. $50/SCH

Mandatory Fees

Student Service Fee The fee supports the Intramural Program, the Student Life Support Programs, and the Extramural Programs.  The fee provides admission to athletic events at SHSU under the auspices of the Department of Athletics. $16/SCH to a maximum of $250 $240.00 5.14%
Student Center Fee (**) The fee is used to fund the Lowman Student Center programs and activities. $100 per semester $100.00 2.14%
Technology Fee The fee is used for training of students, faculty and staff, and for providing support services for operation, maintenance, and replacement of computer hardware and software. $30/SCH $450.00 9.64%
Recreational Sports Fee (**) The fee is used to purchase equipment for and/or construct, operate, maintain recreational sports facilities and programs. $100 per semester $100.00 2.14%
International Education Fee The fee is used to assist students participating in international student exchange or study programs. $2 per
$2.00 0.04%
Library Fee The library fee directly benefits students by supporting their classroom and research needs. The fee is used to purchase books, add electronic databases, and new journal subscriptions. Undergraduate $7/SCH
Graduate $10/SCH
$105.00 2.25%
Medical Fee (**) The fee covers services at the University Health Center. $75 per semester $75.00 1.61%
Advisement Fee The advisement fee is used to fund advising, mentoring, and academic support services for students. $66 per semester $66.00 1.41%
Records Fee The fee covers five official transcripts per semester as long as the student is currently enrolled and five official transcripts for one year after receiving a confirmed degree from SHSU. $12 per semester $12.00 0.26%
OneCard Services Fee The fee will fund the existing university ID and disbursement program. $16 per semester $16.00 0.34%
Intercollegiate Athletic Fee The fee supports intercollegiate athletic programs. $18/SCH $270.00 5.78%

Total Tuition and Fees

$4,668.50 100.00%

(**) If a student is solely enrolled in Distance Learning courses which are charged the distance learning fee of $101 per credit hour, the Student Center, Medical, and Recreational Sports Fee are waived.

Other Fees

Audit Fee: A $50 fee per course that is audited.

Distance Learning Fee: A fee of $101 per credit hour is charged in addition to tuition and mandatory fees when a course is designated as an electronically delivered (internet) distance learning course. The Student Center, Medical, and Recreational Sports Fees are waived if a student is solely enrolled in Distance Learning courses and is charged the $101 for each credit hour enrolled.

Lab Fee: Lab fees are charged at the rate of $8 for each course with a lab component.

Music Fee: Music fees are charged for music courses that require individual instruction.
(charged per course)

1 semester credit hour:   $30
2 semester credit hours: $60
3 semester credit hours: $75
4 semester credit hours: $75

International Study Fee: A fee of $50 per semester charged to international students for services provided through the Office of International Programs.

"Three Peat" Tuition: In order to provide for loss of state funding, students attempting a course for the third or more time will be charged a statutory tuition rate up to the non-resident rate.
The rate is currently $168/SCH. For more information about this fee, contact the Registrar's Office.

Excessive Hours Tuition: Texas Education Code 54.014 specifies that resident undergraduate students may be subject to a higher tuition rate for attempting excessive hours at any public institution of higher education while classified as a resident student for tuition purposes. For more information about this fee, click here.

Payment Plan Enrollment Fee: A non-refundable fee of $30 is assessed to students who enroll or opt-in for enrollment into an installment payment plan.

Late Installment Payment Penalty: A $25 late fee is charged for each installment payment received after the installment due date.

University Center Fee: A fee of $50/SCH for courses taught at the University Center.

Lone Star Center Fee: A fee of $50/SCH for courses taught at the Lone Star Center.

Multi Institution Teaching Center Fee (MITC): A fee of $50/SCH for courses taught at a MITC.

*Tuition and fees are correct as of the date of print but are subject to change by action of the State Legislature or by the Board of Regents of The Texas State University System.