Returned Payment Policy

  • The University accepts payment by personal check, which includes E-Check (ACH) payments online,and reserves the right to withdraw that privilege at any time to anyone.
  • The person receiving the benefit from the returned check or ACH is responsible for repayment if the check or ACH is returned to the University unpaid.
  • A twenty-five dollar returned check charge and the amount of the check will be posted to the account of the person responsible for the check or ACH.
  • Students, who fail to clear their account of returned checks or ACH payments within ten days, MAY BE resigned from school and will have to pay a fifty dollar reinstatement fee, the returned check,and returned check charge.
  • Stop payments are considered returned checks and are subject to all penalties.
  • Any questions concerning this matter may be addressed to Alyssa Hardin in the Bursar's Office at (936) 294-1087.