Updated May 26, 2015


Administrative Policy

The Bearkat OneCard is the official University ID card and students are required to possess an activated card in order to gain access to facilities, services meals plans, athletic and other university events and to select desired method of financial aid refund receipt.


Students are eligible to receive a Bearkat OneCard when three conditions have been met. First, the university must have a valid address on file. Secondly, the student must be enrolled for classes and thirdly, there must be a photo in the system. Photos can be taken at the Bearkat OneCard Office or by e-mailing a digital photo to bearkatone@shsu.edu. In compliance with the U.S.A. Patriot Act, students must present an unexpired photo ID (driver license, state ID, passport, or other government issued ID) at the time the photo is taken or submitted via e-mail. If the photo is e-mailed, it is requested that a scan be made of the driver license and attached to the e-mail. When the three conditions are met, a card will be ordered and mailed directly to the student.

Students should receive a Bearkat OneCard in about 7-10 days after the card is ordered. If the student has not received the card within 2 weeks, the Bearkat OneCard Office should be contacted to check on the shipping status of the card. If cards are not received at the listed address or have been returned to sender, the card office will investigate and reorder the card as necessary.


When the card is received, students must activate the card at www.bearkatone.higheroneaccount.com. During activation, students have the option of opening a OneAccount, the debit account through Higher One. The debit portion of the card is NOT MANDATORY, it is optional. Cardholders may select to receive refunds from the university in one of two methods. Refunds may be received by direct deposit to either a OneAccount or to a third party bank via ACH transfer. Refund preferences may be changed at any time by students by logging into www.bearkatone.com.

After receiving the Bearkat OneCard, students may activate the card from any computer themselves or come to the Bearkat OneCard office for assistance. The card office has several computers dedicated for student use to activate cards, change refund preferences and manage their debit account. The staff at the card office will assist the students in activating the card and will help the student set refund preferences for the desired method of disbursement.

Lost/Stolen Cards

In the event a student loses or has a card stolen, the card office should be notified as soon as possible. Should the loss occur after business hours, cardholders should contact Higher One either via the website or by telephone at 877-232-7528 to report the card lost or stolen. When a card is reported lost/stolen, a new card is ordered automatically and the new card is mailed to the primary address on file at www.bearkatone.com. Students should report to the Bearkat OneCard Services office as soon as possible after contacting Higher One to make certain a new card was ordered. Lost/stolen cards may also be reported to the OneCard office and a new card will be ordered for the cardholder. If a student reports a card lost/stolen and resides in campus housing, utilizes a dining hall or needs temporary access to university events or facilities, a temporary card will be produced for them when a replacement card is ordered at no additional cost. (Please see Fee Policy for a complete explanation). Those students residing in residence halls requiring temporary building access during non-business hours can request a Temporary Hall Pass from the RA of their particular residence hall. This pass will provide hall access for 72 hours. The student must go to the Bearkat OneCard Services office to receive a temporary ID card. All temporary ID cards and hall passes must be deactivated by the Bearkat OneCard Services office before a new Bearkat OneCard will work for on-campus purposes.

Card Problems

Should cardholders have any difficulties with their Bearkat OneCard, the OneCard office should be contacted immediately. Card office staff will investigate and attempt to determine reasons for the card not working properly. If the card contains errors in information, has production errors, photo issues, name changes, or role changes, the card will be reordered. Occasionally, programming errors occur, which result in denied access to residence halls and dining facilities. The card office will determine if this is indeed the situation and will initiate contact with computer services to correct the error. If the card is damaged, the Director and/or staff member will examine the card and determine if the damage was due to card readers or cardholder misuse or abuse. Any card which is not functioning properly due to misuse or abuse will be replaced at cardholder expense.

Although the Bearkat OneCard office does not have access to cardholder account information with Higher One, the office will assist students by reviewing their account statements with them and answering general questions they may have. The card office staff deals with the Higher One customer service on a daily basis and as a result are familiar with many of the banking operations. Staff will make every attempt to answer student questions satisfactorily. However, students often need to contact customer service at Higher One to seek resolution to account issues. In these situations, card office staff will call the toll free number to Higher One customer service and allow the student to discuss the issues directly with the banking personnel. The Director and staff members occasionally become involved as advocates for the students to resolve unusual or persistent problems and errors. The card office will also fax and mail ACH forms to Higher One for SHSU students.

Student Deposits

Students with OneAccounts may come to the OneCard office and make deposits. Checks and money orders are acceptable forms of deposits. No cash deposits are allowed to be accepted by card office staff. Deposits can be made by using the HigherOne Mobile Bnaking App or sent to Higher One via overnight delivery. Office personnel provide the cardholders with a copy of their deposit. An office file copy is made of all deposits and retained for 60 days to ensure receipt and processing of deposits by Higher One.

Additional Services

The OneCard office staff will also provide general information regarding university policies and procedures regarding registration, financial aid, residence life and refund processing. Staff will also direct students to specific university offices for information and assistance.

Bearkat Express dollars are also managed through the Bearkat OneCard. The Bearkat Express dollars are associated with the University meal plans and are not related to the OneAccounts which students may opt to open. All dining plans are programs of the Residence Life Department. The Bearkat Express dollars will allow students to make food purchases at the Paw Print, South Paw and the other dining facilities on campus. Students may add funds to the Bearkat Express dollars, but this may only be done at the Cashier’s Office. The Bearkat OneCard must be activated before this feature will allow food purchases to be made at the various eating facilities on campus.

Fee Policy

The Director of Bearkat OneCard Services has authority to apply specific fees to student accounts. The Director shall be the primary person responsible for applying fee charges. In the absence of the Director, a staff member may apply charges. The Director shall have sole responsibility to remove charges from the student receipt system as a result of errors or disputes related to charges. An electronic file is maintained of all replacement card charges, temporary card charges and other fees assessed to students.

First Card

The initial SHSU ID card known as the Bearkat OneCard, will be issued at no cost to students. If students are residing in campus residence hall facilities and have not ordered or received their Bearkat OneCard prior to move-in weekend, a temporary ID card will be provided at no charge. The temporary card will allow entry to residence halls, access to meal plans, entry to other SHSU facilities and activities until the Bearkat OneCard is received and activated. Once the Bearkat OneCard is received and activated, all outstanding temporary cards must be deactivated before the Bearkat OneCard will operate properly for university purposes.

Replacement Cards

When a student reports a Bearkat OneCard lost or stolen, a new card is automatically ordered and mailed to the primary address listed at www.bearkatone.higheroneaccount.com. SHSU will assess a $25 replacement card fee. If a student requires a temporary card to access residence halls, meal plans or other facilities, a card will be printed at no additional charge. The replacement card fee is applied to the student's fee statement.

Students should contact the OneCard office if they have problems relating to errors reading the card, incorrect information on the card, photo quality issues or card production quality issues. If the Director or staff member examine the card and verify a quality or production error, the card will be reordered and the replacement card fee will be waived.

If students have a name change, a card will be reordered reflecting the name change at a $15 charge. However, before the card order is made, the student must first have the name change recorded by the SHSU Registrar. Once the name change is reflected on the SamMenu system, the card will be ordered and mailed to the student.
In the event a student has a role change from student to Faculty/Staff, a new card will be ordered reflecting the role change. There will be no charge for the replacement card. The role change will be verified by the Sam Menu reflecting a status change from student to Faculty/Staff.

Damaged cards will be examined by the Director and/or the Administrative Assistant to determine if the damage was a result of card reader machinery or cardholder abuse. If the card has visible streaks on the magnetic stripe or if the stripe is otherwise injured, it is most likely the result of mechanical damage from a reader. In these cases, the replacement card fee will be waived. Cards which are bent, have holes punched in them, warped from excessive heat, or otherwise damaged from non-reader mechanical means are deemed to be the responsibility of the cardholder. In the situation where the Director and/or staff member determines the damage is result of cardholder neglect or abuse, a replacement card will be ordered and the $25 replacement card fee will be applied the student's fee statement.

Temporary ID Cards

Sometimes students return to campus and find they have left their Bearkat OneCard at home. In the event a student needs a temporary ID card for a limited time, but does not need to report a card lost or stolen, a temporary ID card will be generated for the student for a $10 fee. The fee will be charged to the student's fee statement. The temporary card will be valid for two weeks from the date the card was generated. The temporary card must be deactivated before the cardholder’s Bearkat OneCard will operate for SHSU purposes.

Refund Reversal

Under certain circumstances, SHSU requires Higher One to return a processed refund payment. Often, this occurs due to student demand (immediate check from SHSU or change in refund preference) or student inactivity (failing to activate a OneCard and selecting a refund preference). In the situation where a student demands a refund reversal, the student will be assessed a refund reversal charge of $10. The charge is applied through the student's fee statement.