Q: WHY? 

A:  Direct Deposit is the number one request that the Payroll Office receives from student assistants.  With the recent request to eliminate hard-copy checks by the Texas State University System's Board of Regents, we are pleased to be able to move forward with utilizing Higher One as the most efficient method of wage disbursement for students.

Q: Will I get a Pay Stub?

A:  Initially, pay stubs can be picked up in Estill at the Cashiers Office. If you do not pickup your stub it will be shredded.  The next phase will be to allow you to use Sam Web to get your stubs there. You will be able to print out the last one, as well as previous ones; you may need this when applying for loans, for instance.

Q: If I already have my preference set for Financial Aid disbursements, do I need to do anything else to have my payroll disbursements processed?

A:Yes and No. Sam Houston State offers to separate disbursement options, one for payroll and one for refund disbursements. If you want you can set your two separate disbursements options or you have can have them both the same, The Choice is Yours!

If you want the disbursements the same and you already have an active Bearkat OneCard and a disbursement option, then their is nothing else that you need to do.  Both of your disbursements options will default to the same method.

However, if you ever change one disbursement, you will have to other disbursement as well to change both options.

Q: Can I change my disbursement preference?

A: Yes. The choice is always yours. You can log on to www.bearkatone.higheroneaccount.com at anytime to change your preference.  Make sure to change both your refund and your payroll preference if applicable. 

If you need assistance with making this change, please contact the Bearkat OneCard Office at 294-CARD. 

If you are changing your payroll disbursement preference to an ACH or changing ACH banks, you must make your selection (3) business days before payday so that it will become effective in time. If not received (3) business days before, your current disbursement will be utilized for the current payroll cycle and the changes will become affective the next payroll cycle.

Q: Can I get my money right away from my credit card?

A: First off, it is not a credit card. You must activate your Bearkat One Card (which is your SHSU ID card) to use the services here on campus; HKC, Library, Dining. Activating your card does not mean you must open a Higher One account.

Q: Does sending my payroll disbursement to anyone other than Higher One charge me a fee?

A: No. All three disbursement options are completely free.  Both electronic options will be available on payday; for the paper check option, your check is put into the mail from Connecticut on payday.  The Bearkat OneCard Office does not currently recommend the paper check option due to the time that it takes to receive this disbursement method.

Disbursements Choices:

  1. You can send your disbursements to the OneAccount linked to your Bearkat OneCard. This is the optional free checking account linked to your ID card. Sending to this account is the fastest delivery method.
  2. You can send your disbursements directly to your bank of choice through ACH processing.
  3. The third option is for a paper check. The check is mailed from Connecticut, and you must allow for mail delivery, which can be up to 7 days to 10 business days.

Q: Can we get our checks on time?  

A: Both electronic options will be available on payday; for the paper check option, your check is put into the mail from Connecticut on payday.  The Bearkat OneCard Office does not currently recommend the paper check option due to the time that it takes to receive this disbursement method.

Q: If we use ACH, direct deposit - will that automatically enable free checking at my bank?  

A: It is up to your bank; you need to know their rules. Higher One Account offers free checking and free online bill pay when you Direct Deposit your payroll check.

Q: If we use ACH to forward our checks to another bank what needs to be done?

A: Third party banks need a form. Login and change your options, confirm, and fill in form. You can fill out electronically. You can mail or the on-campus Bearkat One office in the LSC will fax the form for you.  Be sure that you complete this form to provide authorization for you to receive your pay.

Q: How many Higher One ATMs are on campus and where are they located?

A: Three Higher One ATMs are on campus- Library, LSC, and South Paw Dining. There is sufficient cash in the ATMs for the entire SHSU student payroll. If NONE of the three ATMs are working (which has never happened) you may use another ATM. There would probably be a service charge for this. Keep your receipt, and Bearkat One will work with you to be refunded.

Q: Is it true that I will no longer receive a Paper Check from SHSU?

A: Yes that is correct. SHSU is moving to electronic format; the Texas State University System Board of Regents is now recommending all payments move to electronic.  You can still receive a paper check, but it will be mailed to you from Higher One to the address that you have on file with them.

Q: What happens if Payday is on Saturday?

A: In the past, with the hard-copy check, you had to wait till the first workday. Now with the electronic process you may actually get it sooner than you would have previously, but it is up to your bank. 

Most payroll recipients will receive their payroll disbursements on pay date or the next business day following payday.

Q: Could my paycheck be in before payday?

A: All payroll recipients who choose the electronic method should receive their payroll on payday and not before.
We have established a pay release day which tells the bank when to release the funds. However, ultimately availability of your funds depends on your bank and their policies regarding ACH.

Q: Isn't it illegal to make us use this card?  

A: We are not making you use the card.  Higher One offers three disbursements options for payment and the choice to use the One Account and your card is strictly up to you.

Q: Will this affect my Financial Aid refunds?

A: No, Financial Aid refunds and Payroll do not fall under the same guidelines. Payroll can be sent two days earlier because you have already earned the money. Disbursement of FA funds is governed by federal rules as to when they can be released to the university and then to the student.

Q: Will my paycheck go through student accounts and pay any outstanding balance that I have with the university?

A: Paychecks will not go to your student account. The University is not authorized to debt your account for delinquent funds.

You may e-mail bearkatone@shsu.edu if you have other questions.