How to Access Your Funds


If  you use a higher one ATM you will not be charged a service fee. If you use another banks ATM you may be charged a service fee from the bank that owns the ATM as well as a fee from HigherOne.

HigherOne ATM locations:

Swipe & Sign

Choose credit instead of debit at any merchant that accepts Debit Mastercard® to avoid transaction fees.

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How to Deposit Money

  • Have friends and family log on to and set up a Sponsor Account.
  • Deposit a check or money order at the Bearkat OneCard office. Deposit slips can be printed online at .
  • Students may deposit checks and money orders electronically through the EasyDeposit feature on the Bearkat One website by using a scanner at home or in our office. Funds would be available in 1 to 2 business days from the date of the deposit.
  • Students may deposit checks by using the Higher One Mobile Banking App that is available for their smart phone.
  • Mail your check or money order, along with a deposit slip, directly to Higher One.

HigherOne, Inc.
25 Science Park
New Haven, CT 06511

To ensure ideal check processing, remember to include a deposit slip and to sign the back of the check or money order.

  • Log on to and set up a funding account. This will allow you to transfer money from an existing bank account.
  • Direct Deposit
  • Information about how to sign up for direct deposit can be found by first logging into your online profile and selecting "Direct Deposit" from the sub-menu listed under the "Profile" tab.

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