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How your OneCard works Meal Plan OneAccount Privileges

Your Bearkat OneCard is a multi-purpose ID card that allows you to access more than one financial account, all on the same card. 

Your Bearkat OneCard can currently be used to access three separate functions including:

When using your Meal Plan or Bearkat Express at any of the Retail Dining locations on campus, simply notify the cashier that you are using your Bearkat Express account so that they know which account your are trying to spend from.

If you do not have a Meal Plan or Bearkat Express account and have money on your OneAccount, simply tell the cashier credit.

If your card is activated and you are a currently enrolled student, your card is already programmed for you to have access to the various services around campus, Just Swipe and Go!!

Swipe and sign! Choose credit instead of debit at any merchant that accepts Debit MasterCard® to avoid transaction fees.