"Be Assertive"

Woman holding hand out with NO written on it

Be Assertive

Assertiveness is a characteristic we all hope to have.  When we’re assertive, our thoughts, opinions, and behavior are not swayed by what other people might think. With alcohol and drugs, we are prone to peer pressure and might second-guess our actions based on what other people might think.  This can lead us to do things that we otherwise wouldn’t such as drink irresponsibly or use harmful drugs.  Sometimes, when other people try to get you to do these things it might be hard to say ‘no’.

In being assertive you can also be the voice of reason when it’s not the popular decision.  In situations where your friends may have had too much to drink or drive drunk they might need someone around to remind them to be safe.  A number of bad things can be avoided if someone is assertive enough to speak out against it.  Assertiveness is important because stopping bad things from happening isn’t unpopular; speaking out is.