Be Safer

"Be SAFER" is the slogan for the ADAI and a message that permeates throughout all of our efforts.  With every campus event, presentation, or other effort we want to remind everyone to “Be SAFER!”  This message isn’t new; in fact, we are frequently reminded that we should always “Be Safe”.  We are advised to wear seat belts when driving cars, helmets when riding on bikes, and not to leave burning candles unattended.  The reason we are advised to take these precautions is to keep us free from harm or danger.  This applies to alcohol and drugs as well.  When either of these are involved we are more prone to potential harm or danger.    Unfortunately, we can’t completely eliminate all harm or danger.  Also, it’s up to you whether or not to drink.  Therefore, our message to you is to “Be SAFER!”

When it comes to alcohol & drugs, “Be SAFER!” isn’t as simple as putting on a seat belt.  There’s a number of things that you need to do to be safer.  So, “Be SAFER” isn’t just a message, it’s an acronym that helps you remember the things that need to be done. 

“Be SAFER” requires you to be “safe”, “assertive”, “fun(ctional)”, “educated”, and “responsible”.