IDEA Evaluations

Sam Houston State University uses the IDEA Center’s Student Ratings of Instruction instrument (commonly referred to as the IDEA evaluations) to collect feedback from students on their perceived learning within courses and their observations on teaching methods.  By collecting feedback on student learning and teaching methods, faculty and administrators are able to make improvements to courses that lead to improved student learning.  The Office of Academic Planning and Assessment at Sam Houston State University coordinates the institution’s IDEA Evaluation process.

Faculty Resources and Training

Accessing Your Evaluations:

* Faculty evaluations are accessible from the House Bill 2504 website.  Full faculty reports are available for Fall 2005 through Spring 2016 and abbreviated reports are available from Fall 2016 and forward.  The Faculty Portal above provide full faculty reports for Fall 2016 and forward.

Spring 2018 IDEA Timeline

  Spring 2018
Faculty Complete Online OSFs (FIFs) April 16 - May 4
Students Complete Online Evaluations April 23 - May 4

7 1/2 Week Terms (7A and 7B) 2018 IDEA Timeline

First 7 1/2 Weeks (7A) Second 7 1/2 Weeks (7B)
Faculty Complete Online OSFs (FIFs) February 23 - March 8 April 23 - May 4
Students Complete Online Evaluations March 2 - March 8 April 27 - May 4