University Services and Miscellaneous Information


University Services and Miscellaneous Information

Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property
Abandoned and unclaimed personal property discovered on a system component campus shall be turned over to the campus security department for safekeeping and standardized handling. Property shall be considered abandoned if it appears from the circumstances under which the component comes into possession of the property that the owner has thrown it away or has voluntarily left or lost it without any intent or expectation to regain it.

Abandoned and unclaimed personal property acquired by the campus security office department of a system university shall be held for a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the time the campus security office acquires the property. If the property is reclaimed during that time, the university may charge the owner a reasonable storage fee. Campus security will develop appropriate procedures to assure the return, if possible, of unclaimed personal property to the proper owners. Such procedures shall be published in all appropriate university handbooks and catalogs.

After one hundred and twenty (120) days, and after appropriate property checks which reflect the value of the property have been made (such as, but not limited to the National Crime Information Center), the item may be sold as part of a normal university surplus property sale.


Campus Radio and Television Stations
 The Department of Mass Communication  provides original programming each week during the academic year on KSHU, Cable Channel 7 and programming daily on KSHU- FM. The campus radio station, 90.5, KSHU-FM, broadcasts local news and a variety of music formats. Announcements of campus activities and meetings are regular features on the station.

Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum
The Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum is a multi-purpose building which has the greatest indoor seating capacity on campus for events such as commencement and student entertainment. During games of basketball and other similar sports, the coliseum can provide 6,100 fixed seats and during events such as commencement, the seating capacity can be increased up to 7,100 seats.

Correspondence Courses

Information Resources Services
Computer accounts are available to all students, faculty and staff members. These accounts are kept active for the length of employment and as long as a student is enrolled. Questions regarding SHSU's computer resources may be addressed to HELPDESK@SHSU.EDU.

Credit Union
All regularly employed Sam Houston State University faculty and staff and their immediate families are eligible for membership in the Walker County Federal Credit Union

Faculty Organizations
Many learned societies enroll members of the Sam Houston faculty, and a number of them have local chapters. Three organizations that are concerned with professional interests of university professors have local chapters that seek campus-wide membership of instructional personnel and library staff.
1. American Association of University Professors- A national, professional organization of college teachers devoted particularly to the promotion of academic freedom, professional ethics, and tenure safeguards.
2. Texas Association of College Teachers- A state organization of faculty personnel of state-supported colleges and universities to provide a liaison between college teachers and the Legislature and other agencies of the state government.
3. Texas Faculty Association- A state organization working to promote the welfare of faculty members and to improve the quality of higher education. It works to influence decisions on higher education funding and policy.

Fine Arts Performances and Exhibits




University Hotel
The University Hotel is part of the Criminal Justice Center and located on the corner of 16th Street and Avenue H. The hotel services criminal justice conferences and workshops, as well as numerous University-related functions.

Health/Life and Long-Term Disability group insurance programs are available to all faculty members. Optional long-term disability and additional life plans are also available. Premiums are deducted monthly from a member's paycheck. Coverage during summer vacation is subject to pre-payment. Further information may be obtained from the Human Resources Department.

Newton Gresham Library
The Newton Gresham Library provides reference, interlibrary loan, circulation, acquisition, and other library services to the faculty, staff, and students as well as visiting scholars and off-campus borrowers. The Library contains more than 1.3 million books, bound periodicals, and government documents on open shelves. The onlineLibrary catalog SamCat, along with many full-text electronic databases are available on campus, and off-campus with verification of SHSU affiliation.

Rare books and special collections on Texas, the Southwest, Mark Twain, Gertrude Stein, the Civil War, Library Science, Criminal Justice, and other topics are located in the Thomason Room.

Library instruction services (user education), research guides, InterLibrary Loan and FacultyDirect services are available to assist faculty members in utilizing library resources in classes and in research.

Lowman Student Center
The Lowman Student Center is the community center for all members of the University family--students, faculty, administrators, alumni and guests. It is more than a building; it is an organization and a program, which together represent a well-considered plan for the community life of the University constituencies. The Lowman Student Center provides the numerous services, conveniences, and amenities which members of the University community may require while on campus.

Parking Rules and Regulations
All faculty, administration, administrative staff, staff employees, and students, full or part-time, who operate or expect to operate a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or motor-driven vehicle on University property, regularly or occasionally, are required to register the vehicle with the Department of Public Safety-Services and obtain a parking decal assigning a designated color area for parking. All University parking facilities are marked according to color zone areas. Faculty, administration, administrative staff, and staff employees are requested to park in white color zone areas. Parking regulations for business hours are enforced from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Parking permits are obtained from the Department of Public Safety-Services located in the Sam South Center, 843 South Sam Houston Avenue. All citations for University parking violations must be resolved in person or by mail to the Cashier at the University Police Office within ten (10) school days after issuance. All moving violations will be issued on a citation out of the Justice of Peace Court and will be adjudicated in Justice of Peace Court in Walker County, Texas.

Public Relations
The University provides news about students, employees, and programs through its Public Relations Office. Releases are distributed on each student named to the President's Honor Roll or the Dean's List of Academic Honors, and on all persons receiving degrees. Publicity is also provided regarding other awards, achievements, and activities.

Public Safety-Services
The University police officers are peace officers as defined under the laws of the State of Texas. The primary responsibility of the University Police is the safety and security of the university community. They restrict their patrol activities to those streets adjacent to and within University property. They do not make initial calls within areas of responsibility of the Huntsville Police Department and will respond only upon request for assistance by the Huntsville Police Department.

The University Police have requested the assistance of each faculty member to aid in the security and safety of the university community, its members, and their properties. Each faculty member has a responsibility to cooperate in maintaining the security of all buildings, offices, classrooms, and University property, especially those for which he/she is assigned keys.

Retirement Program
Faculty members are required by state law to participate in either the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) or an Optional Retirement Program (ORP). Comparative literature is available in the Human Resources Department. Briefly, TRS is a group-defined benefit program; ORP is an individual-defined contribution program comprised of plans provided by annuity and insurance companies licensed to do business in Texas. All faculty members are automatically enrolled in TRS except qualified full-time faculty who elect to participate in ORP within 90 days of achieving eligibility. The decision to elect ORP should be made after careful study and a comprehensive comparison of benefits available from TRS and those offered from ORP companies. Enrollment in ORP in lieu of TRS is a one-time decision with fdew exceptions--discuss this matter with the Human Resources Department staff before you enroll in an ORP program. The employee's contributions to the Optional Retirement Program are tax sheltered and shall fall within the Internal Revenue Service ruling on the Optional Retirement Program for tax-sheltered annuity programs for employees of public schools and certain tax-exempt organizations.

Safety Program
The University Environmental, Health and Safety Office is responsible for administering safety programs designed to assure a safe and healthful campus environment for all students, faculty and staff. These programs include fire, health, and occupational safety; safety audits of any unsafe conditions noted by the Safety Coordinator and/or reported within University property.

University Women
Sam Houston University Women is a private social organization which is neither sponsored nor supported, in whole or in part, by the University. The purpose of the organization is to promote friendship and provide a broad array of interesting activities for the participation of its members. Membership in this organization is open, on a voluntary basis, to women employed full time by Sam Houston State University and women whose husbands are currently full time faculty or administration at Sam Houston State University. Retired women faculty, retired full time women employees, spouses of retired or deceased faculty or administration shall serve as honorary members. Newcomers is an organization associated with the Sam Houston University Women. Membership in Newcomers is limited to the first two years of affiliation with SHSU.

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