Curricular Changes and Textbook Adoption


Curricular Changes and Textbook Adoption

Before any course may be taught, it must be cleared through the channels of the University administration and approved by the Board of Regents and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Any major change in existing courses or proposals for a new course is accomplished by the same procedures. Please see the Curriculum Development and Evaluation section of this handbook.

If a textbook is to be used in a course, it is selected by the teacher or teachers of the course in consultation with the department chair. Reasonably close correlation between the contents of the textbook and the catalog description of the course is advisable. All sections of a multi-section course are expected to use the same textbook. This should not be construed to mean, however, that a faculty member must use that textbook if the individual disagrees with the choice for substantial reasons.In such cases the faculty member shall present the reasons in writing to the chair and dean. All departments on campus should include, in the final decision-making process for selecting texts, all full-time faculty members who will be involved in teaching a multi-section course. An adoption of a text should, in most cases, be for a period of several years. The procedures for the requisition of textbooks and related instructional materials are set forth in Academic Policy Statement 860211, “University Textbook Requisition Procedure.”

 Sam Houston State University follows the policy of The Texas State University System, Board of Regents regarding charges for outlines, syllabi and similar materials, addressed in Rules and Regulations, Chapter V, Subsection 4.84, “Textbooks and Other Course Materials.”

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