University Faculty Senate

Elected by: Faculty

Reports to: President

Number of Members: 25

Faculty 25

Correct as of: August 2015

Purpose. The Faculty Senate shall consider matters of general welfare to the University placed before it by members of the faculty, members and committees of the Faculty Senate, the Student Association, the President of the University, and other administrative officers of the University. Inasmuch as the Faculty Senate is advisory in nature, decisions on all such matters shall be final only when approved by the President of the University, subject to the authority of the Board of Regents and the Coordinating Board. The Faculty Senate shall have no existence separate and apart from the University.

Appointments. The Charter of the Faculty Senate sets forth the Composition of Faculty Senate under Article II and includes the Eligibility, Election Procedure, and Nominations and Elections. The Faculty Handbook includes the Charter in its entirety.

Note: The Faculty Senate survey can be found here.

Committee Members

Nancy Baker,   Chair
Lisa Shen,   Chair-Elect/Secretary

Terms expire August 31, 2015

Nancy Baker*,   Humanities and Social Sciences
Helen Berg,   Education
Madhusudan Choudhary,   Sciences
James Crosby,   Humanities and Social Sciences
Mark Frank,   Business Administration
Richard Henriksen,   Education
Joan Hudson,    Sciences
Hayoung Lim,    Fine Arts and Mass Communication
Paul Loeffler,   Sciences
Denis Longmire,   Criminal Justice
Lisa Shen*,   Newton Gresham Library
Stacey Ulbig,   Humanities and Social Sciences
Walton Watkins,   Fine Arts and Mass Communication

Terms expire August 31, 2016

Tracy Bilsing, Humanities and Social Sciences
Jonathan Breazeale,  Business Administration
Donald Bumpass,   Business Administration
Marcus Klespis,   Sciences
James Landa,   Humanities and Social Sciences
David McTier,  Fine Arts and Mass Communication
Sheryl Murphy-Manley,   Humanities and Social Sciences
Dwayne Pavelock,   Sciences
Douglas Ullrich,   Sciences
TBD,   Health Sciences

*Name appears more than once

To Report Errors

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Weston Rose
Mail: Campus P.O. Box 2478

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