CS 470

Summer 2000

Late Breaking News
Class WILL meet next week!
Drs. Burris and McCoy will lecture on various interesting Java topics (crytopography, for one)

Other stuff:

As you know, I will be gone.  (Thanks to all who expressed such kind thoughts during this very difficult time.)

I have posted a take-home exam here.
It will be due Tuesday, August 8

Your group should e-mail your final project report to me at my SHSU address
(Attach your report to your e-mail. Keep your documents reasonably-sized -- it's a slow link for me)
If you'd rather post your document(s) on your web page, and mail me the link, that would be just as good if not better

Each of you must evaluate yourself and your peers in regard to your group project
(Participating in this will be part of your grade)

I hope to be able to complete all this remotely so that each of you can get a grade.  In the event I cannot, the grade of X will be assigned and I will change them when I get back.


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