CS 272

Spring 2005


Course Syllabus

Notes (being updated)

1. Assembly Language and Microcomputer Systems notes
2. Data Representation
3. CPU organization notes
4 Introduction to Assembly Language notes
Multiplication and Division Instructions
Processor Status and the FLAGS Register
Flow Control Instructions
Logic, Shift, and Rotate Instructions
Old notes below here
Gates, Circuits, and Computational Logic
Additional material on Karnaugh Maps
Sequential Logic notes
Even more material on Karnaugh Maps
Arrays and Addressing Modes

Exam Review

Skills Review for Exam 1

Helpful Information

How to use the Turbo Assember and Debugger
Educational Version of Turbo Assembler Available Here
(C++ Builder Professional includes TASM as part of the package)
Table of ASCII Codes
Table of Keyboard Scan Codes
Having trouble running TASM on the network?  Download this batch file.

How to get a free copy of the Microsoft Assembler

Lab Assignments

Sample Programs

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