Academic Improvement Mentoring (AIM)

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Basic Components of AIM:

Are you interested in strengthening your academic performance? If so, come into the SAM Center and ask to speak with a mentor. The SAM Center has an open-door policy, which means there is no need to schedule an appointment before coming in - just stop by at your convenience! After identifying your individual needs, a mentor will then work with you to help you enrich your academic experience and, ultimately, to help you reach your academic goals.

Study Skills Workshop

Meet With A Mentor

Grade Check Form

The information mentioned here is just a snapshot of the ways in which the SAM Center mentors can help you to achieve academic excellence. The academic mentors at the SAM Center are here to help you do your best, so come in today to make the most of your time here at Sam!

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and a student which demonstrates support and encouragement to maximize the student's potential and performance to achieve their academic goals.

How do I get a Mentor?

The SAM Center offers mentoring via drop in's, appointments, phone, email, and online through Blackboard Collaborate.  Stop by at your convenience for your initial mentoring session.

How Often Can/Should I Meet with a Mentor?

You can meet with a mentor as often as you would like.  If you would like a more regular support system, you can set up a weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointment.  Your mentor may suggest how often they think you should meet or if they think you should enroll in the Academic Improvement Mentoring (AIM) program.