Publications & Presentations


Online Publications

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Online Journal:
"Moving Toward Funding an Advising Center Using Student Advising Fees"
By: Dr. William Fleming
Academic Advising Today - Quarterly Newsletter
Volume 26, Number 3, September 2003.


Book Review:

"Making our schools more effective: What matters and what works." (2004). Martin Patchen. NACADA Journal.
Review By: Wesley Boyd
Book Reviews, Issue 25(2).



Wesley Boyd, William Fleming
"Boosting Student Retention and Lifting Student Morale"
(Session 38), Oct. 7, 2004.

Wesley Boyd, William Fleming, Cathy Reeves
"Financing an Advising Center by Using Student Advising Fees"
(Discussion 11), Oct. 3, 2003.

Bernice Strauss, Glenn Sanford, Dina Flores-Mejorado
"Study Skills: From Remediation to Enrichment"

Janet Fair, Denise Katzilierakis
"Maps for Success"