Program Cohorts

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The Sam Houston Establishing Leadership In & Through Education (SH ELITE) Program was founded in 2010 by the Student Advising & Mentoring (SAM) Center – Academic Support Programs. The pilot cohort consisted of 30 incoming, freshmen, male students of color. Originally funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the program served students by providing personal and academic accountability, academic support and resources, and a variety of social and civic engagement opportunities. Because of the success of the program, Sam Houston State University (SHSU) now funds the program annually to continue serving male students of color, specifically, Hispanics & African Americans.

The SH ELITE Program has experienced significant growth as each year the program has been able to increase the amount of incoming students recruited to our current annual goal of 75 incoming freshmen. The program has served over 400 students since its inception, and aims to maintain an average of 200 students per year. Originally, the program was a one-year program specifically for first-time freshmen; however, it has evolved to a four-year comprehensive program, serving freshmen through seniors.


Eligibility criteria to become a member of SH ELITE:

  1.   Male
  2.   Hispanic and/or African American

Eligibility criteria to maintain membership:

  1.   Abide by Attendance Policy
  2.   Abide by Participation Agreement

Note: There is no GPA requirement to obtain/maintain program membership.


Program components include, but are not limited to:

  1.   Freshmen Dorm Move-In Day Assistance
  2.   Welcome Reception for New Members & Family
  3.   12 Small Group Meetings Each Semester
  4.   ELITE Exchange - Monthly Speaker Series
  5.   Two Grade Check Forms Each Semester
  6.   Teambuilding & Social Events
  7.   Reception & Banquet


SH ELITE Members have access to various incentives and benefits that the program has to offer, including:

  1.   Textbook Scholarship Award (Based on Predetermined GPA)*
  2.   Textbook Lending Library
  3.   Early Registration (Based on Completion of Service Hours)
  4.   Study Hall Rooms (SH ELITE Only) & Tutoring Services
  5.   Graduation Cords
  6.   Scantrons & Blue Books
  7.   ELITE Management Internship

*GPA Requirements for Freshmen is a 3.00, and GPA Requirement of Continuing Students is a 3.25.