Freshman Year

Student Quotes

  • "If I didn't join ELITE, I don't think I would be doing what I am doing right now. ELITE has helped me a great amount."

  • "It greatly benefited [me in] the transition because of how in depth the program got."

  • "A lot of tips that were given to me in study skills came to my advantage."

Programming & Curriculum

The Freshman Year programming and curriculum is designed to aid in the transition from high school into college. Specifically, the goal of the freshman programming and curriculum is to enable students to develop a strong academic foundation that will allow them to be successful in their college career. Additionally, the freshmen programming and curriculum focuses on teaching students to develop skills geared toward resource management as the university provides a variety of resources that include, but are not limited to, Career Services, Student Money Management, Leadership Initiatives, Student Legal and Mediation Services, etc.