Institutional Support

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Advisory Board Purpose:

To ensure the fulfillment of SH ELITE’s purpose and mission, a cross-campus collaborative effort serves the program through an advisory board. The SH ELITE Advisory Board is comprised of three working committees: the Faculty Committee, the Administrators Committee, and the Programming & Curriculum Development (PCD) Committee.

Members of the Faculty Committee include representatives from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Fine Arts & Mass Communications, College of Criminal Justice, and College of Business Administration. The Administrators Committee includes representatives from Graduate Studies, Finance & Operations, the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, and the College of Education. Finally, members of the PCD Committee include representatives from various student resource centers: Student Money Management Center, Student Legal & Mediation Services, Leadership Initiatives, Center for Diversity & Intercultural Affairs, Career Services, Office of International Programs, Financial Aid & Scholarships, Academic Success Center, and the Student Health & Counseling Center.

The purpose of the SH ELITE Advisory Board is to provide guidance and support in implementing, maintaining, and evaluating the program’s purpose and mission to substantiate SHSU’s effort in supporting minority male student success.

Programming & Curriculum Development Committee


The Programming & Curriculum Development Committee develops, implements, and evaluates programming and curriculum intended to enhance student’s academic, personal, and professional development, leadership development, and service engagement.

Administrators Committee


The Administrators Committee guides in establishing, maintaining, and evaluating program goals and objectives for the academic year to include areas in program sustainability, quantitative and qualitative program analytics, and future program directions.

Faculty Committee


The Faculty Committee works to enhance faculty-student relationships to promote collaborative projects and supporting resources geared towards academic research, graduate school, academic and personal support, and mentorship.