FAQ for Bearkat Bridge

How do I enroll in Bearkat Bridge?

All accepted students whose records do not indicate that they are TSI Complete will be automatically enrolled into the Bearkat Bridge program. Students will get emails and text messages alerting them to log into the Bearkat Bridge Blackboard page to get information on testing or to start their refresher courses.

What if I complete the work in Bearkat Bridge and still don’t make passing scores on the TSIA?

That’s okay! We will make sure you are enrolled in the right classes for Math and English, and you will be more prepared for these classes.

When and where can I retest?

Any school, community college, or university that has a testing center that proctors the TSIA. We have a testing center here at SHSU, and their website can be found here.

Why not just take the developmental classes and wait to take my credit classes later?

Developmental classes are important and necessary for some students who may have missed important information in high school, and for students who need extra support or intensive review. However, developmental classes are non-credit bearing and do not count toward your degree. Therefore, you will be spending time and money on classes that may delay your graduation. Our goal is to decrease the time students spend in developmental classes and help them be successful in their credit-bearing coursework. Often students need to be reminded of what they have already learned, and Bearkat Bridge can provide that assistance.

I’m stuck. How can I get more help?

We have tutors and teachers available on our main campus as well as our campus in The Woodlands. Contact one of us today and let us help you.

What is the timeline for completing my Bearkat Bridge?

You can complete your Bearkat Bridge work any time before the Fall semester begins. However, MANY MATH CLASSES WILL FILL before the end of July, so you may not be able to enroll in the credit-bearing class you need, even if you retest. Also, if you are enrolled in INRW 0014 and ENGL 1301, while you can drop the INRW 0014, you will need to pick up another course, and many courses begin to close by the end of July. Therefore, we advise all students to complete their Bearkat Bridge work and retest by July 5.

How much does it cost to be enrolled in Bearkat Bridge?

Nothing! Bearkat Bridge is a free program offered to all non-TSI met SHSU students.