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Health & Allied Health Programs

Are you a current or potential Sam Houston State University undergraduate, graduate, or post–baccalaureate student considering a career in medical, dental, veterinary, baccalaureate nursing, or other allied health professions? The Sam Houston State University Office of Medical & Allied Health Programs is available to help you prepare for your future. Our staff can advise and assist you in selecting the appropriate prerequisite coursework, support your preparation for the relevant professional school admission tests, and assist you in making realistic choices of professional schools.
The Office of Medical & Allied Health Programs is an adjunct academic support structure; students do not major in premedical, predental, preveterinary, prenursing, or prephysicaltherapy. Traditionally, most premedical students have majored in the natural sciences. However, the medical professions seek well-rounded, qualified students regardless of their academic major or minor. Medical programs are interested in students from academic disciplines defined by a broadly defined liberal education that reflects the social, ethical, and cultural roles occupied by the modern health care professionals. Students interested in pursuing most of the medical careers may seek a major in any academic field, but must coordinate the necessary preparatory or prerequisite courses in a timely manner.


If you are contemplating a medical, dental, or allied health career, you should contact the SHSU Office of Medical & Allied Health Programs for advisement into appropriate coursework and program evaluation.


Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP)

The University has received a grant to aid qualified economically disadvantaged students to obtain a medical degree (M.D.). This program, the Joint Admission Medical Program or JAMP, provides financial aid to economically disadvantaged students at Sam Houston State University if they currently meet the following eligibility criteria and continue to maintain academic scholarship:

• Student must be a freshman PRE–MEDICAL student and in their first fall semester following graduation from high school or a home-schooled program,
• Currently enrolled in 15 or more semester credit hours or enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours with no more than 3 hours of AP credit,
• Texas state resident, with Pell grant eligibility for the Fall / Spring freshman semester,
• Minimum composite score on the SAT or ACT equivalent to the average score in Texas, and a
• Minimum overall 3.25 GPA at the end of the Fall freshman semester, with a minimum 3.0 GPA in science courses.

Students meeting these criteria are encouraged to IMMEDIATELY contact the campus Office of Medical & Allied Health Professions.