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of Ectothermic Vertebrates

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 Dr. William I. Lutterschmidt Associate Professor
 Department of Biological Science
 Sam Houston State University
 Huntsville, Texas 77341-2116
 Office:  936-294-1556     Laboratory:  936-294-3507
 E-mail:  lutterschmidt@shsu.edu


DeSales University   (Advisor:  Howard K. Reinert)
Center Valley, Pennsylvania
B.S. in Biology and Secondary Education, May 1988

Southeastern Louisiana University   (Advisor:  Richard A. Seigel)
Hammond, Louisiana
M.S. in Biological Sciences, May 1992

University of Oklahoma   (Advisor:  Victor H. Hutchison)
Norman, Oklahoma
Ph.D. in Zoology, November 1997

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This laboratory is dedicated to the investigation and study of
ectothermic vertebrates and their unique physiologies as they areinfluenced by temperature and other environmental factors.

Physiological ecology is an intellectual brew of elements taken from natural history, ecology, and evolution, and operationally tied to the experimental discipline of physiology.   ...the bedrock of physiological ecology is a thorough understanding of the natural history of the organisms being studied; not only does such knowledge influence the interpretation of our observations, but it can suggest which species should be studied to determine the rules by which evolution has produced the diversity of life on the planet Earth.

Brian K. McNab  1982
Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 63(4):346

Specific Publications of Interest:

Lutterschmidt, W.I., S.B. Turk, E.D. Wilson.  Seasonal timing of follicular development of the Mud Snake, Farancia abacura (Colubridae).Herpetological Review (In Press).

Lutterschmidt, D.I., W.I. Lutterschmidt, and V.H. Hutchison.  2003.  Melatonin and thermoregulation in ectothermic vertebrates: a review.   Canadian Journal of Zoology 81(1):1-13.

Dent, L. and W.I. Lutterschmidt. 2003.  Comparative thermal physiology of two sympatric sunfishes (Centrarchidae: Perciformes) with a discussion of microhabitat utilization.  The Journal of Thermal Biology 28(1)67-74.

Lutterschmidt, D.I., W.I. Lutterschmidt, N.B. Ford, and V.H. Hutchison.  2002. Behavioral thermoregulation and the role of melatonin in a nocturnal snake.  Hormones and Behavior 41(1):41-50.

Sanford, G.M., W.I. Lutterschmidt, and V.H. Hutchison.  2002.  The comparative method revisited.  BioScience 52(9):830-836.

Sartorius, S.S., J.P.S. do Amaral, R.D. Durtsche, C.M. Deen, and W.I. Lutterschmidt.  2002.  Thermoregulatory accuracy, precision, and effectiveness in two sand-dwelling lizards under mild environmental conditions.  Canadian Journal of Zoology 80(11):1966-1976.
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