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Sam Houston State University

Department of Geography and Geology

The department of Geography and Geology offers curricula leading to majors in Geography and Geology.

Geography Program

FACULTY: Barron, Bounds, Netoff, Tiller

As an academic discipline, Geography is concerned with the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge regarding the spatial interrelationships which exist between man and his environment. Perhaps the core of Geography lies in the study of the cause-and-effect relationships which exist between man and his environment as they vary from one culture to another. Geographers are not only concerned with the ways in which the environment has placed its imprint upon various cultures, but with how man, acting within the framework of his different cultures, has altered his physical surroundings.

The basic function of the Geography Program is to provide students with an increased awareness of the real differences which are to be noted between the multitude of world cultures and environments, and with a basic under- standing of why these differences exist.

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Geology Program

FACULTY: Baldwin, Brown, Netoff, Torrez

The Geology Program provides a variety of courses directed toward a better understanding of the natural world. These courses serve four undergraduate areas: the general university student, the geology minor, and two types of geology majors.

The Geology Program offers two Bachelor of Science plans. Plan I is designed for the person seeking a position in industry or planning to attend graduate school. Plan II is designed for the person with a career in education in mind or someone with a general interest in geology. Each plan is designed to provide an education in the fundamentals of geology. The required geology courses will give the student an understanding of the earth and will provide an opportunity to observe, investigate, analyze, and interpret geological materials, processes, and structures.

For more information on the Geology Program at Sam Houston State University, send e-mail to Dr. Cooper at