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Our Patrons have established a strong connection to our program and to the students, faculty, and staff of the Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre. By becoming a Patron and lending your support, you help attract and retain talented students and help enrich the School and the cultural life of our community.

Tax deductible contributions to the Theatre and Musical Theatre Scholarship and Development Funds may be made to the Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre. Designate which area you wish to support.

You will receive recognition in all Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre programs.

Send contributions to:
The Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre
Sam Houston State University
Box 2297
Huntsville, TX 77341-2297

For more information about ordering Season Tickets contact the University Theatre Manager at (936) 294-3968.

$1,000+ - Stars - Six Season Ticket Packages
$550-$999 - Angels - Four Season Ticket Packages
$250-$549 - Benefactor - Two Season Ticket Packages
$150-$249 - Donors - One Season Ticket Package
Up to $149 - Contributors - Two complimentary tickets to the show of your choice

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Bozeman, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Czerwinski, T.V. & Fern Dodson, Ed & Patricia Griffiths, Penny Hasekoester, Dr. Jaimie Hebert, The Humphreys Foundation, Charles Jones III, Dennis & Lynn Longmire, J.D. Nicholson, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Payne, Drs. Leonard Breen & Mary Robbins, Barbara & Shelley Solow

Dr. Ruth Cady, David Deveau, Mr. & Mrs. Dickerson, Dr. Dana Gibson, Penelope Hasekoester, Jennifer Pontius & Justin Williams

Thomas & Joanne Blanck, Harold E. Cameron, Ronnie & Sheila Cannon, Charles & Cindy Carlow, Marjean Creager, Lisa Garrett, Doris & Clark Gimpel, Frank & Maria Holmes, William & Deborah Kerr, Paul & Cindi Loeffler, Gail Mead, William & Mary Moore, Dana & Betty Nicolay, Andy & Dionne Noble, Richard Norman & Anne True, On Pointe Dance Company, Dr. & Mrs. Harley Rex, Wes & Susan Sanders, Allen & Barbara Sapp, Julie Schwab, Dale & Gloria Wright

Gayla D. Belt, C.R. Cooper & Promotions for Success, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Freeman, Norman D. & Zerlene A. Gruenzner, Kristina Hanssen, Thomas & Carol Hazel, Dian Herrod, Sandra Larsen, G. Scott & Mary S. McCarley, Maureen McIntyre & Buddy Aber, Lee Miller, Tom Prior, Pancho & Sugar Roberts, Robert & Jane Shiley, Leslie Swackhamer

Mark & Missy Adams, Darlene Andrews, Arlene Armata, Jennifer Arthur, Norma Babcock, William Basnight, Tina Butler, Sheila & Ronnie Cannon, David Campbell & Barbara Collier-Foyt, Jonathan Charles, Mike & Liz Freese, Buddy & Kimberly Childress, Edwin Davis, Deborah & Allen Elrod, Connie Embesi & Gary Bennicoff, Roger & Marilyn Emblem, Taryn Flournoy, Neil Fogle, Charles & Elizabeth Friel, James K. Frederick, Paul & Carol Gilmore, Global Financial Partners, Drs. Robert & Cindy Gratz, Jonathan & Gigi Greene, Dr. Helena Halmari, Dr. Marie Hayden, Richard & Connie Heiland, Ann Holland, Thomas C. Hudson, Walter Johansen, April Keith, Allison Keogh, James & Tina Kingman, Tina Lacy, Bobby & Pam Lane, Sandra Larsen, Amy Lee, Heather Limmer, Larry Lozier II, M. Jeffery Manning, David McTier, Grace & George Miles, Lou Ann Miles, Dr. Brian & Marie Miller, Vinessa Mundorff, Ladeitra Parker, Mrs. Louie M. Payne, Larry Routh, Teri & Ahmad Samadzai, Robert & Julia Scott, Angela & Dale Semar, Linda Smith, James, Roberta & Katie Stefaniak, Frank & Linda Stepan, Christine Wagner, Lauren Wedin, Charles & Dee Whitaker, Hal & Holly Wilson, Martha Zeiher

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