Acting and Directing Emphasis Juries

•    Choose 2 contrasting monologues

•    You’ll have 2 minutes TOTAL for both pieces

•    Slate your name and  two pieces first, then perform your monologues

•    Be prepared for an interview with faculty afterwards

*If you are a first semester transfer student, this jury will count as your audition into the Acting Curriculum.

*Freshman can audition through their Spring jury.

Please make sure that you sign up for the correct days!!

Freshman & First Semester Transfer students                Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors     

Dates                                                                                         Dates

TBA                                                                                           TBA

Time                                                                                          Time

By appointment                                                                     By appointment

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Graduating Seniors




By appointment

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Any questions contact:

Penny Hasekoester, , Tom Prior ,

Kevin Crouch

Please make sure that you sign up for the correct days!!