Silent Sky

SHSU Theatre audition information

Directed by Tom Prior

Director's Notes

Character Breakdown

HENRIETIA LEAVITT (LEH-vit): 30s. brilliant. meticulous, excited
MARGARET LEA.VITI: 30s, homebody, creative, sweet, sister.
PETER SHAW: 30s, the head astronomer's apprentice ... and the man.
ANNIE CANNON: 40s, the leader, terse and sure, grows into a firebrand.
WlLLIAMINA FLEMING: 50s, smart as a whip and fun, Scottish

Audition Brief

You must be very familiar with the play and characters therein.

Please have the following prepared:

1. One 2-minute monologue in the same style and genre as Silent Sky.
2. Be prepared to answer the question: “What do you think about the cosmos and our place in it?”

I look forward to all of your auditions!

Stage Manager

Amanda Arnold