SHSU Theatre audition information

Directed by Kyle Craig-Bogard
Music Director: Laura Avery

Director's Notes

Even though Oklahoma! is from Golden Age Musical Theatre/Comedy, for your interpretation of the characters that inhabit this show, I encourage you to create real people, not caricatures, in all phases of your audition. I am looking to create a diverse cast in age range, size and ethnic background that will make up the townspeople in the world of Oklahoma! Please be familiar with the script and the characters. There will be additional chorus members beyond the named characters in the scripts. Everyone auditioning must attend the dance call.

Audition Brief
Vocal Auditions:
For the vocal audition you should prepare a 30-40 second cut from a pre-1960 Broadway song that shows your range. Please bring a double sided copy of your music in the correct key, an accompanist will be provided.

Acting Auditions:
Please read the script prior to auditioning. Scripts can be checked out from our house manager Katie Stefaniak, please email her for more information (kms006@shsu.edu). The acting audition will consist of cold readings of sides.

Please be aware that the script is written with a specific dialect in mind. Do your best to interpret the words on the page for the cold reading.

From the script:                              A NOTE ON THE DIALECT

Through his libretto and lyrics to OKLAHOMA! Oscar Hammerstein II sought to capture the dialect of its specific time and place—Indian Territory, circa 1907. The language, therefore, was meticulously crafted, and used as a guide to the original company of actors, who were well trained in elocution. Hammerstein knew that he would hear what was in his script, and using dialect would insure the authenticity or at least the consistency of the world he was creating. His dialect has been preserved in this reproduction of the original published script.

Audition Sides:
• Laurey Pgs. 4-5/ 18-19
• Aunt Eller Pgs. 2-4/ 25-26/ 115
• Ado Annie Pgs. 20-21
• Gertie Pgs. 44
• Curly Pgs. 2-4/ 51-52
• Will Parker Pgs. 11- 13/ 31-32
• Ali Hakim Pgs. 29
• Jud Frye Pgs. 93 -94
• Andrew Carnes Pgs. 37-40/ 117
• Cord Elam Pgs. 116-118
• Ike Skidmore Pgs. 112/ 88
• Fred Pgs. 112

Dance Call:
Please wear moveable clothing or appropriate dance wear and be prepared with character shoes. Additionally, women please bring ballet slippers or flexible jazz shoes if you have them, if not socks or bare feet will also be fine. During the audition you will be asked to learn a character combination and possibly a ballet sequence. 

o Please bring a physical copy of your headshot AND resume to the first audition you attend.
o The names on your headshot, resume and audition form should all match. This is what you will be sorted and alphabetized by.
o This headshot is to help the director identify you throughout the audition process. They will not be returned nor used for any other purpose.

Stage Manager
Kali Grau  stagemanagershsu@gmail.com