Audition Process

Musical Theatre Auditions Musical Theatre Program

Our auditions are closed. The only people present in the audition room will be members of the Musical Theatre Program faculty. At check-in, you will be assigned a number. After check-in and a brief Q&A, the auditions will be conducted as follows;

  • Going in numerical order, we will hear everyone sing their song selection. Start with your best piece first, we may ask for second but will likely not hear both. When you come into the room, take a few seconds to go over your first cut with our accompanist.
  • Once we've heard everyone’s song cut, we’ll have you re-enter the room for your monologue. We will stop you after 90 seconds so please prepare accordingly. A chair will be available should you like to use it.
  • Following your monologue, you may change into your dance attire and make your way upstairs to studio 260 where we will hold the dance portion of the audition. Keep your number pinned onto your person after you change.
  • Following your dance audition, you are released. An excuse letter will be sent to you via email should you need to provide one to your work or school.

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