The Government Inspector

SHSU Theatre audition information

Directed by David McTier   

Director's Notes

6-7 Men, 6-7 Women; some double casting; some gender-flip casting; race/ethnicity not a factor.

Audition Brief

Auditions will run for  an hour, you need to check in and be ready to go at the beginning of your hour time slot.

Please dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and be prepared to move, roll on the floor, and sweat. Also, have a short joke or funny story that you can share in 30 seconds or less. Sides will be available for callbacks; however, for your preliminary audition, you need to prepare (memorization optional) only the following:

Mayor: "I know each and every one of you cheese-eating, mouth-breathing bastards have tried to do me in with my new son-in-law-to-be from the minute he came into town, and I just want you to stew and think and worry and remember and know that while I'm in St. Petersburg at the palace kissing the Tsar's ass, all the while I'll be planning how I'm going to see each and every one of you snivelling little rats jailed and ruined and sent to Siberia until there's not a trace of you left in the mud and rubble!"

The Government Inspector (reduced cast version) Pdf.                                                                                                                                                     A copy of the script can be checked out from Katie Prior UTC 120.

Stage Manager

Kathy Cronin