Fall Auditions

Fall 2017 Auditions

Just a few quick reminders before you sign up for auditions!

•    Please select "Send me a confirmation email with an iCalendar (.ics) file" when you confirm your selection. This email can be used to verify your SignUp time and in the event of any unforeseen errors.
•    Please be sure to sign up for one slot per show for all straight plays. For Oklahoma, the fall musical, be sure to sign up for one acting slot, one vocal slot and one dance slot.
•    We are requiring you to provide your phone number in the event that we need to contact you to move or change your audition. It will not be available to anyone besides the SMs and directors. The only information that will be publicly displayed on the SignUp is your name.
•    Please use the same name you will be writing on your audition sheet to sign up

  • Acting/Directing, Theatre Education and Theatre Studies Majors MUST audition for all straight plays, but may also audition for the musical if they so choose.
  • Musical Theatre Majors MUST audition for all shows each semester.
  • Students should audition for all shows required with the exception of Raisin in the Sun. African-American students and white male students should audition for Raisin in the Sun as well as all other shows.

Please see below for more specifics about each audition.

Fall 2017 SM Team

*Please email stagemanagershsu@gmail.com  with either the name of the show or "Fall 2017 Auditions" (for generic questions) in the subject line with any questions about the signups or audition process. We will try to get back to you in a timely fashion.

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