Third Year Students

  • Accredited by the American Psychological Association

    Accredited by the American Psychological Association

Meet the third year students...

Brittany Bate, M.A.
  • Cleveland State University, B.A. (Psychology, Criminology, Sociology)
  • Cleveland State University, M.A. (Sociology)
  • Research Interests: Jury Perceptions and Decision-Making, Expert Witness Testimony, LGBT Issues, Psychopathy, Prisoner Reentry and Recidivism, Forensic Assessment and Evaluation
  • Memberships: AP-LS
Scholar Colbourn, B.S.
  • Sam Houston State University, B.S. (Psychology, Minor: Philosophy)
  • Research Interests: Adolescent Substance Abuse, Incarcerated Mentally Ill, Juvenile Offending, Juvenile Risk Assessment, Competency to Stand Trial
  • Memberships: APA, AP-LS, TPA
Tess Gemberling, M.A.
  • University of Arizona, B.A. (Psychology)
  • Sam Houston State University, M.A. (Clinical Psychology)
  • Research Interests: BDSM Practice, Alternative Sexuality, LGBT Issues, Sexual Offending, Alternative Religions
  • Memberships: APA
Carla Munoz Gonzalez, M.A.
  • Federico Villarreal University in Lima, Peru, B.S. (Psychology)
  • Argosy University in Sarasota, Florida, M.A. (Forensic Psychology)
  • Research Interests: Forensic Assessment, Psychopathy, Ideology of Terrorism, Multicultural Issues in Assessment and Treatment of Offenders and Jury Selection
  • Memberships: APA, AP-LS, SSSP, Board of Psychology in Peru
Hyemin Jeon, M.A.
  • Daejin University in Korea, B.A. (American Studies)
  • Hallym University in Korea, M.A. (Psychology and Law)
  • Research Interests: Jury Perception, Jury Decision Making, Expert Testimony, Forensic Assessment and Evaluation, Psychopathic Traits of Offender Samples, Multicultural Issues in Forensic Setting
  • Memberships: AP-LS, APA
Jason Lawrence, B.S.
  • University of Pittsburgh, B.S. (Psychology)
  • University of Pittsburgh, B.A. (Japanese)
  • Research Interests: Forensic Assessment and Evaluation, Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology, Prison Psychology
  • Memberships: APA, AP-LS, IACCP
Kelsey Laxton, B.A.
  • University of Tennessee-Martin, B.A. (Psychology, Minor: Criminal Justice)
  • Research Interests: Prison Psychology, LGBT issues in the legal arena, juror perceptions, juvenile delinquency, forensic assessment and evaluation
  • Memberships: APA, AP-LS, SEPA
Jenna Tomei, M.S.
  • University of Southern California, B.A. (Psychology, Minor: Psychology and Law)
  • California State University, Fullerton, M.S. (Clinical Psychology)
  • Research Interests: Forensic Assessment and Evaluation, Competence to Stand Trial, Juvenile Delinquency, Expert Witness Testimony, Psychopathy
  • Memberships: APA, AP-LS
Hsiao-Wen Wang, M.S.
  • Fun-jen Catholic University, B.S. (Psychology)
  • University of Pennsylvania, M.S. (Criminology)
  • Research Interests: Substance Abuse, Risk Assessment, Forenisc Assessment and Evaluation, Multicultural Issues in Psychology
  • Memberships: AP-LS

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