Special art tour

A special art tour of Houston will be offered to a limited number of conference attendees or their guests. This unique experience is a substitute for the NASA excursion. The tour will be limited to three people ( if there is sufficient demand a second tour may be offered ). To register for the tour (first come, first serve) please email Barry Friedman at phy_baf@shsu.edu . The route of the tour is solely at the discretion of the tour guide. Transportation from the Marriott will be provided.


Discover Houston NASA Space Center

July 13th we go to NASA Johnson Space center. There we'll have the NASA Tram Tour, which takes visitors to the iconic Apollo Mission Control Center, the place where all space shuttle missions and activity onboard international space station assembly flights is directed. The tour also visits the Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park, where you can see an expandable rocket used by NASA's Apollo and Skylab programs from 1967 to 1973. If you're lucky, the tour will also bring you behind the scenes and learn what training to be an astronaut is really like.

The Starship gallery is another top attraction within the Space Center Houston. It is where you'll find the most interesting artifacts and exhibits, like the world's largest collection of moon rocks, as well as space hardware like the Mercury Atlas "Faith 7" capsule, the Gemini V Spacecraft, a Lunar Roving Vehicle Trainer, the Apollo 17 Command Module, the Skylab Trainer, the Apollo-Soyuz Trainer and an original model of the Goddard Rocket.

A must-see is the new international landmark International Plaza presented by Boeing. It is the only shuttle replica mounted on a shuttle carrier aircraft, and the only place where visitors can enter both vehicles. The eight-story, multiple-exhibit complex gives visitors a rare glimpse into the historic shuttle era and the NASA breakthroughs and technological advances gained from the Space Shuttle Program which impacted future exploration.

The NASA tour will be combined with Houston City Sightseeing Tour.


Recommendations on the transportation

The Woodlands is a suburb of Houston. The closest international airport is Intercontinental Airport Houston (code: IAH). Please book your tickets to this destination. The best way to reach the BIFD's venue from the airport - use the SuperShuttle servive (website: www.supershuttle.com). It's 24/7 service and relatively cheap ( costs 32 USD from airport to the doors of the Marriott Hotel ). You can book your SuperShuttle van in advance by internet. Ask the LOC if you have transportation' questions.