BIFD 2017

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Next BIFD-2019 will be held in Limerick, Ireland

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A special issue of Fluid Dynamics Research (published by IOP) will be devoted to BIFD-2017. Articles are full length and refereed. The deadline for submission is October 31, 2017.

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Scope of the Symposium

  • Instabilities and bifurcations in sheared, rotating and convective flows, thin films, magnetohydrodynamics, geophysical and astrophysical flows.

  • Transition to turbulence, flow control, bio-locomotion.

  • Industrial, environmental and biomedical applications.

  • Experimentation, theoretical and numerical methods.

  • Minisymposia and topical sessions:

    • "Films and Drops" Chair: A. Oron (Technion)
    • "Active Fluids" Chair: I. Aronson (Argonne)
    • "Electrohydrodynamics" Chair: V. Ajaev (SMU)
    • "MHD mini-simposium" Chair: O. Zikanov (Michigan-Dearborn)
    • "Instabilities and Dynamics of Liquid Bridges" Chair: E. Benilov (Limerick)
    • "Computational Methods for Bifurcations and Instabilities" Chair: J.-C. Robinet (DYNFLUID)
    • "Parametric Excitation and Control of Hydrodynamic Instabilities" Chairs: A. Nepomnyashchy (Technion) and A. Mikishev (SHSU)
    • "Industrial Applications" Chair: A. Gelfgat (Tel-Aviv)
    • "Linear Stability Analysis of Flows in Porous Medium" Chair: Y. Feldman (Beer-Sheva)

New!!! Attention!!!  Physics Department of Sam Houston State University offers limited number (up to 30) of stipends ( 200 USD) for young scientists (students, post-docs,non-tenured) who attend the BIFD-2017 and stay at the Marriott hotel.This stipend is given to partially cover the lodging expenses at the Marriott hotel. To apply for this stipend please contact the LOC, .

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